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Renter alert: More apartments might convert

Just steps south of the apartments-turned-condos at SeventyOne and the Housing Authority-purchased apartments at Riviera West — and a few short blocks from the conversion-in-progress at the Watermarke (which our tipster just blogged about at Seattlest) — another building has hit the market. 7130 California Ave. SW is billed as a “prime candidate for conversion.” In case the listing verbiage changes, here’s a grab:


7130 Cali and its condo candidacy can be all yours for $2.6 million.

West Seattle’s newest pay-to-park lot


The north side of the big parking lot at the future site of Fauntleroy Place has turned into a pay lot. We asked Blue Star Management, which is developing FP, what’s up. Company rep Eric Radovich wrote back, “Having Diamond Parking manage the north side of the big parking lot greatly reduces our liability on the site. This also cleared out the Gee Motors vehicles that had been parking on the site without permission. The fee to park in the Diamond lot in the evening is just $2. There is still plenty of free parking for patrons of Schuck’s Auto Supply and Hancock Fabrics on the south end of the lot.” We also asked Eric about the FP retail status, given that we are frequently pinged about rumors of changes in megaprojects including that one; he says NO CHANGE – it’s still on for a 47,000-sf Whole Foods store and a 14,000-sf Hancock Fabrics store, and it now looks like demolition/groundbreaking should start next March/April.

What you’ll see in WS on 9/11/07

Besides the Alki Statue of Liberty unveiling, 9/11 (Tuesday) also will bring an event @ the Providence Mt. St. Vincent Chapel, an Interfaith Prayer for Peace in the World @ 1 pm … and: A sizable anti-war, anti-global-warming ad will run, according to WashBLOG (this link includes what the WashBLOG writer says it will look like), in the WS Herald and its sister papers.

What happened at Tervo’s

After a couple days’ closure without signage or explanation, the sign shown below is now on the door @ Tervo’s Mini-Mart (4415 Fauntleroy). Several people e-mailed us after seeing police, fire, and medical examiner vehicles there on Labor Day afternoon, worried there had been a crime of some sort. Today we found out what happened: Police say a 48-year-old man died in the store, apparently suicide. Our condolences to that man’s family; it’s always important to mention that the Seattle Crisis Clinic has a 24-hour suicide-prevention line at 461-3222.



Final faceoff

sundquistphoto1.jpgmariaphoto1.jpgAlso speaking of schools – the primary election results have just been certified, and the Final Two for West Seattle’s school board seat are now official: Steve Sundquist (photo left) got 53.4% of the primary vote (5,624 votes), while Maria Ramirez (photo right) got 23.4% (2,467 votes). Although school board members represent certain districts, in the general election the entire city votes on all seats, so Sundquist and Ramirez (as well as the candidates in the other districts) will have to campaign citywide. Election Day: November 6th.


Day 2: “Arterial” doesn’t mean “open somebody’s arteries”

standard_sign.jpgAs the new school year starts its second day, our inbox is full of implorings from concerned WS folks who want to remind everyone to SLOW DOWN IN SCHOOL ZONES. Don’t wait for this to become reality; do the right thing. Also, make sure you know the law — Eric Baer from the Pathfinder K-8 PTSA (their school fronts a busy straightaway on Genesee Hill) pulled up the fine print, including some things that might surprise you:Read More