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Freeway Fright ’07: What more do you want to know?

The very nice folks in communications @ the state Transportation Department have e-mailed us a couple times i5logo.jpgto see how they can help get all of us in WSB-land through the impending Freeway Fright ’07 — the work on northbound I-5, between the far east end of the WS Bridge and the I-90 exit, slated for August 10-29 (unless more stupid summer rain gets in the way). They want to be 1000% sure you have every last bit of info you need to survive — here’s their “project page” (complete with countdown clock!) and blog-post discussion (did you know WSDOT had a blog?). Our question now: what more do you want/need to know about this work and how it will affect traffic? Whatever your question, they seem willing to offer answers.

Anybody lose a Pomeranian?

From the south end of WS – folks who say they “live on 42nd Ave SW, just up the hill (north) from the Fauntleroy YMCA” just had “an adorable little Pomeranian … wander onto our street this afternoon … Looks just like the doggie in this photo.” No tags or collar, further described as looking “very tired.” If you have any clue who it belongs to, please e-mail us and we’ll put you in touch with the people who found it.


Follow-up on the crossed-out crosswalk

Days after the city carried out its plan to take out the Avalon crosswalk by Java Bean and Luna Park Cafe, it’s also finally answered a couple of tough questions posed by a concerned citizen.


First time this citizen wrote to the address the city offers for comments/questions,, he got what sounded like a standardized reply. So he tried again. That exchange, after the jump: Read More

Calling all mechanics: Can you help Hi-Yu?

The West Seattle Hi-Yu Festival float has been making the rounds — including this past Saturday’s WS parade — and now its appearance in The Biggest Parade Of All is just days away. But as Hi-Yu President Tim Winston puts it:

“The 40 year-old Oldsmobile V-8 under that beautiful wrapping is overheating & our usual mechanical help is unavailable. Torchlight is a long parade and the street surface air temp is often close to 100 at the end of a hot day.”

Hi-Yu is a volunteer, nonprofit effort on a tight budget and they’re hoping someone out there can point them to “flexible and free” mechanical help for the float, ASAP. If you can come to the rescue, please e-mail Tim at — TIA from parade fans everywhere (who would hate to see West Seattle’s pride ‘n’ joy depart 4th Avenue on a tow truck!).

Mixing politics and treats

If only more political events were set up this way: Two weeks from tonight, as the Aug. 21 primary election approaches, at least 10 Seattle School Board candidates (including 2 incumbents) will be at Pathfinder K-8 for an ice-cream social and moderated forum the evening of Aug. 6 — no, not in the cafeteria, but on the school’s front lawn, atop lovely Genesee Hill. Picnic dinners encouraged. Free ice-cream bars served. So far, forum organizer Eric Baer of the Pathfinder PTSA (co-sponsoring with counterpart PTSAs from 3 other WS elementaries: Alki, Arbor Heights, Sanislo) tells us the confirmed attendees include 4 of the 5 candidates in the WS-centered District 6 race, as well as candidates from the 3 other districts to be decided this year. Don’t just wade frantically through your voters’ pamphlet at the last minute; hear and see candidates in person. Aug. 6; see you there.

Looks like time to say it again …

Coyote.jpg… KEEP YOUR PETS INDOORS! If you don’t, as this article just posted by the P-I reminds us, they are liable to wind up as Coyote Chow. Though as we’ve noted before (last August and last September), coyotes are nowhere near the most lethal threat faced by pets whose owners let them roam free. So just say no to anti-coyote hysteria; find out more about these amazing creatures (including video) at this great site forwarded by Charles Redmond, who reports he saw one strolling 39th SW, heading south from Elmgrove, a couple weeks ago. (WS coyote pix, anyone? Send ’em!)