47th/Admiral, revisited

Today the P-I takes on the 47th/Admiral safety issues and the record of the driver who hit and killed Tatsuo Nakata, though without any new revelations (the Weekly thoroughly dug into the driver’s background earlier this month).

3 Replies to "47th/Admiral, revisited"

  • dq May 22, 2007 (7:42 am)

    i don’t understand why they went through all that time, money and effort and did not put up a red/green light there with a proper walk/don’t walk light for pedestrians. there must be some “official” criterion…

  • MkH May 22, 2007 (1:03 pm)

    It seems to be, from the response I get from the DOT, that ‘number of deaths’ is the criterion. One is not enough.

    Since progress is as slow as speeders on Admiral are fast, I have started calling businesses whose drivers speed from the WS Bridge up and through the intersection at California to let them know that disregard for the safety of our neighbors means they will not be hired by me!

    Maid Brigade made the list today.

  • Amy May 22, 2007 (10:56 pm)

    The driver does not sound like a safe person, however, even with the improvements, it is difficult to see the entire span of the crosswalk when coming around a curve and up/down a hill – you don’t have time to scan the area, even going the speed limit, especially combined with all of the vehicular activity in the area (cars turning, delivery trucks, etc). The crosswalk lights don’t help much, as they don’t alert you to when someone is actually in the crosswalk.

    To be safe, cars need to continue to slow down, and pedestrians should still use the handy orange flags, that I haven’t seen anyone use in quite a while since the fatal accident.

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