More mindless destruction

Seems that somewhere around the time some criminal idiots were stealing copper wire and throwing hundreds of people off the phone system the other night, some (other?) criminal idiots were smashing out car windows on lower Gatewood Hill. Happened to us near The Beach years ago. If the cops don’t get ’em, karma will. Here’s hoping.

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  • The House February 27, 2007 (8:29 pm)

    I know Todd brought this to our attention the other day, but my wife gave me the report on the Roxhill Park graffiti. Apparently, some small minded “tagging” idiots decided to plaster “F You” (they didn’t censor) all over the park. I hope the idiots that did this read this blog. If I ever catch one of you, I’ll make sure “The House” is tagged somewhere on your body with a needle and ink.

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