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Just like old times

February 19, 2007 10:06 pm
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 |   West Seattle weather

28 mph wind at Alki Point as of a few minutes ago. Could get a little worse tonight, says the forecast. Put that flashlight by the pillow.

Not sure whether this makes us feel younger or older

February 19, 2007 8:16 pm
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 |   Not WS but we're mentioning it anyway

Tomorrow would have been Kurt Cobain’s 40th birthday.

(Though we categorized this under “Not West Seattle but [etc.]” — he did have a WS link … a fascination with one of West Seattle High School’s movie-star alumna, Frances Farmer, after whom he named a song but apparently not his only child.)

Early warning

High Point-to-Delridge drivers, beware: Cindi from the Morgan Community Association alerts us to more upcoming traffic woes; this excerpt is from the latest Morgan Junction e-mail newsletter, quoting the major construction company on the High Point project:

“SW Morgan / Sylvan Way will most likely be closed for a short period (one to two weeks) during late February/early March. This closure is being planned in conjunction with work taking place on an unrelated development east of High Point. This coordination will minimize the impacts to the neighbors and surrounding area. SW Morgan / Sylvan Way will then be temporarily closed for a longer period (several months) this summer to allow for complete rebuild of the roadway and utilities associated with our project. We will provide notification to local residents and businesses and will have a detour route well-indicated. Every effort will be made to minimize the duration of street closures.”

We’ve been asked before about the deplorable condition of Sylvan Way closer to Delridge; Cindi is checking on whether repairs to that stretch might be included in those summer closures.

This one may hit home

Also from the P-I: a little hand-wringing about the teardown trend — not homes-to-townhomes, which seems to be West Seattle’s most popular flavor, but homes-to-bigger-homes. Our favorite quote in the story (which doesn’t feature WS but still seems relevant) is an explanation of why people are moving from the burbs back to the city:

“It’s the commute,” he said. “If you’re not working at Microsoft, why would you want to live in Issaquah?

(For us, the commute is only one of about 6,955 reasons we don’t want to live in the burbs, but that’s another post.)

Hail to the memories

February 19, 2007 6:32 am
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 |   Holidays | Westwood

Great Presidents Day article in the P-I, set at the retirement home near Westwood Village.