Sight in the sky

OK, enough about the weather. Did you see the comet yesterday? Supposedly we’ll get another chance today. Look west toward Vashon around sunset. We think that’s what was visible from WS Blog World HQ — although we couldn’t see the “tail” — so we wondered if it might have been Venus instead — check out this cool photo from Mischiefblog (be sure to click for the large version).

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  • Max January 12, 2007 (9:12 pm)

    Several folks tonight were at the dead end of 55th Ave (off Genessee), where we saw Comet McNaught peeking through the low-lying clouds, hiding a while, then coming back out again. Although it was faint, the tail was definitely visible, even to the naked eye. If what you saw was bright and tail-less, it was Venus.

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