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Wind-whipped waves

A few people have written to mention the amazing wind-whipped waves at Alki yesterday afternoon … we couldn’t make it down off our icy hills to see them, but now a kind soul has sent video (QuickTime required) that sounds as wild as it looks!

Friday afternoon road report

Viaduct and high bridge still in pretty good shape, but that ramp from 99 to the bridge is still dangerous … Once in WS, where the surface arterials such as Fauntleroy are fine, we checked out 35th today instead of Cali. It’s clearly been plowed (dirty snow stacked up on the center line) and sanded, but there are some danger spots. Still gotta go really slowly uphill. And there are some icy spots around the summit (Myrtle/Holden). Oh, and those side streets, still ice-sheet nightmares. It’s not really warming up for a few more days, either … hey … wait … now there are FLURRIES in the forecast????

Sight in the sky

OK, enough about the weather. Did you see the comet yesterday? Supposedly we’ll get another chance today. Look west toward Vashon around sunset. We think that’s what was visible from WS Blog World HQ — although we couldn’t see the “tail” — so we wondered if it might have been Venus instead — check out this cool photo from Mischiefblog (be sure to click for the large version).

From the papers

January 12, 2007 3:33 am
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Our state rep goes high-profile in a push for equal rights.

-One of West Seattle’s hilliest streets gets the spotlight in a P-I urban-sledding photo. (We can barely dare to drive down that section of Charlestown just west of Cali in dry times, can’t imagine sledding OR driving on it now!)