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Fauntle-Rut Way update

January 8, 2007 11:12 pm
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23 hours after this ventfest, we spotted a DOT crew literally digging into F-Way right around Fairmount Park. Our unscientific road test tonight revealed some improvement — to a point; once you pass that south-of-FP point, it’s rutsville again. Still. And with flaky fun to come!

Surviving the streets

Next Sunday will mark two months since the 47th/Admiral crash that killed Tatsuo Nakata. A conference next Tuesday at Harborview is planned in hopes of honoring his memory with strides toward pedestrian safety. A site visitor from “Safe Admiral” posted complete details today in a new comment on an old post; we’re mentioning it here to make sure you don’t miss it.

Chop chop chop

After months of watching land-use applications, we’ve noticed they mostly fall in the categories of “build something new,” with the occasional “put antennas on building.” However, a couple hit the city site a few days ago (but dated 12/4, so it’s not windstorm backlash) for a plan to “remove vegetation,” including more than a dozen trees (center of the photo below, just to the left of the street light), on a lot over Beach Drive. The house on the property is on Atlas so one of the applications is for that address; the other application has a Beach address even though that part of the lot is steep slope, inhabited only by the birds. Seems too steep to safely get rid of the trees and brush without a major mudslide threat, but does the city ever say no to these things?