Sunday this ‘n’ that

-Big banners at the Farmers’ Market today reveal that it’s only taking a holiday hiatus — after the Dec. 17 finale-for-the-year, it will return Jan. 7 as the “Winter Farmers’ Market,” 10 am-1 pm.

-The ever-busier section of Harbor Ave near the tow yards, Verge, ActivSpace, etc., is now even busier, as Budget Trucks seems to have set up a rental business there, with many of its offerings parked on the street. Best to avoid driving RVs and Oversize Load Tractor-Trailers through that stretch. Bicyclists may not be safe either.

-Also more-lined-with-parked-cars-than-ever, Thistle between 35th and Delridge, during the Mars Hill services, which apparently won’t move to their new ex-Doxa home before next month. We cruised by just to see if any protesters were there, since the demonstration outside MH-Ballard got called off. Nope. (If you don’t recall why somebody wanted to protest MH in the first place, here’s a refresher, plus the church leader’s latest musings on the subject, and a pointed deconstruction of said musings.)

-Looks like a whole lot of WS folks out buying Christmas trees. If you’re not sure about your options, remember to check the list at the bottom of our Holiday Stuff page.

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  • tawny December 8, 2006 (2:23 pm)

    my husband and i (who are in no way religious) were at W5 and a couple started chatting us up and at the end of the conversation tried to recruit us to come check out their cool church (mars hill) after we researched mars hill and saw what the pastor thinks of women, and their “non prostheletizing” methods “get them where there’re at” ie: prostheletize in a bar, we were mortified to think that this nice couple had been suckered into that church and also mortified to know that we had been bible-busted in a bar!!! watch out for a nice looking blonde lady and nice looking gentleman, seem really cool at first, but total bible-busters.

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