Shining bright

Thought we heard a broadcast report mentioning some people are still out, but a quick spin around found no evidence of that, and there’s nothing on the City Light hotline. (The SCL website’s been useless; they haven’t updated since last Tuesday’s outage.) Did see a SCL crew at Caffe Ladro, but it looked like a well-deserved coffee break, nothing more. All the Morgan Junction businesses are back on, and darn good thing, since there’d be hell to pay, for example, if one of WS’s two liquor stores were closed the day before New Year’s Eve … but it’s not, and looks like all’s right with the world. We’d expect a fresh run on D batteries today, though. (P.S. Let us know if you DO know of any “pocket” that’s still out.)

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  • TG December 30, 2006 (11:23 am)

    As of the news this morning, SCL has no idea what happend. Better get used to this!
    SCL has a poorly run outage information system relying on “customer callins”?
    However they lowered rates despite a poor financial outlook, and an aging distribution system.
    SCL has other personnel and management problems that need leadership attention.
    We can thank Mayorial “WHO” for not being more attentive to the problems at SCL, and picking the wrong leadership.
    If Admiral suffered as many power outages, “WHO” might be more involved !

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