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Former breakfast place now truly toast

If you were hoping for a comeback of the Cat’s Eye Cafe just north of Lincoln Park (as we sort of were), closed since a crash last winter, finally there’s proof it’s just not going to happen. The sign’s not up yet as of tonight (though the permit application for it is in), but a Web site proclaims the building’s rebirth as a yoga/spiritual counseling business, the Four Aims Center. The center’s offerings sound intriguing — but the official demise of the Cat’s Eye leaves us a bit misty, as it’s the site of fond family memories from the latter half of the ’90s, when various major life events left us quite dependent on their morning muffins as well as incredible takeout soups and sandwiches. (We remember hearing that the people who ran it back then are the same ones who opened Circa in the late ’90s, but can’t find proof.)

Also happening this weekend

Wow, how’d I miss this one? (Probably because we stayed home all day doing yard work!) A reader writes to tell us the Pacific Northwest BBQ Championships are under way all weekend at Alki:

There are 31 different groups bbq’ing all night long, even camping in tents. Judging starts tonight at 6 pm, finals are tomorrow. The one booth you can buy food from is reasonably priced and good.

Till this tip, I had no idea of the existence of the Pacific Northwest Barbecue Association — but here’s its site, with some info on the competition. Hope it doesn’t rain on the barbecuers tomorrow till they’ve crowned their winners! (UPDATE from a Saturday night driveby: This is quite a scene on the west end of Alki — including RVs parked along the beach that no doubt belong to some of the camped-out cooking teams.)

Cutting edge

September 16, 2006 4:06 pm
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Second week of Hizzoner’s “We (Heart) Trees” campaign — seen any less cutting lately? Not me. I got spitting mad traveling the switchbacks over Lincoln Park on Friday, watching tree “service” crews kill two big beautiful trees that had been among the few surviving the onslaught of oversized houses suddenly “infilling” the formerly green area. All of which led me to laugh semi-ruefully at this odd little piece from the P-I today.