Deadly crash closes The Bridge

If you use the high bridge to leave WS in the morning, check the traffic reports and the bridge cams before you go — right now it’s closed both ways because of a deadly crash. Here’s what’s online right now in the relatively early morning: P-I, channel 7, channel 5.

If you’ve never had to detour around the bridge before, beware the low bridge as an option — in situations like this, it clogs pretty fast. Heading south through White Center and then north on Highway 509 can also work.

3 Replies to "Deadly crash closes The Bridge"

  • Chris June 22, 2006 (10:03 am)

    If only I had dropped by your site earlier this morning before leaving!

    Left home around 7:20a, detoured down Alaska, hung a right on 35th, was going to go over Delridge along Morgan but that was backed up too. Headed South on Delridge to Roxbury and was going to catch 509, but Roxbury was also backed up. Quit, called it a day and headed home. Roxbury was backed up all the way to 35th! It was miserable. An hour later I got home.

  • sf June 22, 2006 (11:34 am)

    i attempted to use the water taxi as an alternate to the normal bus. i waited at the alaska junction water taxi shuttle stop for 20 minutes past its normal time, but it never came. i ended up on the bus after all….3 hours to get to work! this is the second time i have tried to use the water taxi shuttle when there was a bridge tie up….both times the shuttle never came. has anyone been able to get this thing?

  • Mike June 23, 2006 (12:40 pm)

    The water taxi worked great yesterday. They actually brought in another boat to handle all the extra people traffic. Hopefully this will encourage people to use it more. Maybe they would consider running it year around!

    The problem with the shuttle is that due to the route they go (Avalon) they were caught in the same traffic snarl as everyone else. So, their pickup times were probably all off. I was lucky and got dropped off after going around Alki/Beach Drive, and staying away from Avalon/35th/Fauntleroy. I did see a lot of people walking since there was limited bus transportation.

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