That was fast

Drove thru the Junction tonight — looks like the new Talarico’s pizza joint in the old New Luck Toy space (sign flashes PIZZA/LOUNGE/PIZZA/LOUNGE) is open already! Just a few hours earlier, someone had passed by and reported to us that “someone was in there stocking the bar …” wow. Don’t know if this was opening night or not; gonna have to check it out posthaste and report to y’all.

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  • HC April 27, 2006 (9:07 am)

    I walked past it on Tuesday night, and they had a sign up saying that they would be having private servings for friends only Tuesday and Wednesday, and to keep an eye out for their grand opening, which I’d guess would be pretty soon unless they found problems during their friends-only test run.

    Hope that helps!

  • C2 April 28, 2006 (8:23 pm)

    Walked down to the Junction tonight to try Talaricos with my family. As the sign flashes Pizza/Lounge/Pizza/Lounge – it is infact a lounge – no one under 21 welcome. I wasn’t the only one standing outside the door wondering “Now where?” – there were three other groups asking the same thing.
    So, if you’re thinking its a family friendly restaurant – its not – good thing we still have Spiros.

  • stephen April 30, 2006 (4:11 pm)

    Yo, went to this place and it was the worst pizza I’ve ever had!

  • stephen April 30, 2006 (4:24 pm)

    I guess I can elaborate…So I really wanted to love this place, I mean really wanted to LOVE it! New pizza place, a couple block from home, and I’m the ultimate pizza conesieur, I really wanted to love this place.

    Our Pizza took well over an hour to come out, and when it arrived everyone at the table had a slice, decided that it was pure crap and didn’t touch the rest of it. The cheese was good, toppings were up to par and the sauce was pretty tasty, but the crust was awful…It was very salty and it was obvious that they didn’t let the crust rise enough because it was very flat and dense. When I gave it the fold test the crust just crumbled apart….Oh yeah, and my stomach was in knots for 24 hours afterwards. It was opening night so I’m going to give it another shot. But if you are planning on going here anytime soon I would suggest waiting until they get everything worked out.

    I’m just amazed that someone who loves pizza enough to open a pizza joint would even allow pizza like that to hit the tables. Every table around me looked as if they had similar opinions of their burnt / dry pizza slices

    One good thing that I can say is that our entire bar tab and pizza were taken care of by the restaurant.

  • Chris May 2, 2006 (10:24 am)

    My partner & I had dinner there last night. It’s best to skip Talarico’s, at least the food anyway. You’ll have a better pizza experience by buying your favourite beer at the grocery market and ordering Pagliacci’s for delivery.

    Simply put, two words: Canned Mushrooms

    On a pizza…..yuck. I was shocked when I saw the plate arrive on my table. Too much money for low quality pizza. Very disappointing.

  • aek June 2, 2006 (11:01 am)

    Very cool decor and bar area makes this an inviting place, but I have to agree with other pizza reviews. While the salad was good, I wouldn’t go back for the pizza! Not with Spiro’s, Pagliacci’s, Pegasus in the neighborhood (or even frozen ‘za for that matter!). I ordered a veggie slice and the veggies appeared to be simply placed on top of a slice of cheese pizza. Uncooked onions are a little strong!! In looking at what my friends had, I believe they just make cheese pizza’s in back and add the toppings after the fact.

    Once they come up with a drink menu, I might be back for happy hour. Until then there are too many other great places to frequent in West Seattle.

  • Dave June 2, 2006 (5:39 pm)

    I tried to call them to order a pizza for pick-up, it rang and rang and rang and finally went into voicemail. Sorry, no pizza for you. I’ll go with Pagliacci’s. They answer their phones. By reading the previous posts, I think it was a fortunate thing they didn’t answer.

  • Jake June 4, 2006 (5:23 pm)

    We went to Talarico’s during happy hour last weekend and we enjoyed the pizza. For $3 you get a slice that’s 1/4 the pie! Spiro’s may be 1 block from our house though we wanted to try something other than the screaming kids crowd. Not knocking Spiro’s, they have great pizza, though for us it’s best when we simply pick up rather than eat there.

    Talarico’s ambiance on the other hand rocks! They transformed the interior of the space and kudos to them for taking the extra step and making it an adult’s only, no delivery place.

    I heard that Talarico’s is owned by the same owner as the Triangle & Ballroom in Fremont. Having known the owner of those fine establishments in a prior life, I expect James will address any food quality issues soon enough to make this a regular West Seattle destination hip hang out, which our neighborhood could certainly use more of.

    P.S. Definitely try out Mission down in the Admiral Junction – pure excellence!

  • then8r July 13, 2006 (6:48 am)

    OMG – You people don’t know what Pizza is!! Being from the pizza capitol of the world.. otherwise known as Chicago, there is nothing but sucky pizza in Seattle until this place!! This is the best pizza I have had since living in Seattle for 8 years. We love it, try the original or the specials they are all excellent. Thank god it’s adults only. Finally a place where we don’t have to have crumb snatchers crying and running around. Two thumbs up to Talarico’s!!

  • Lou July 18, 2006 (2:26 pm)

    I also wanted to love this place because it seemed to have a good vibe and looked cool and felt cool and was big and had no kids running around.

    The biggest problem here is actually the staff, and then the pizza. The greeter was not firndly, no smile, just a “how many?” an eye roll, and I guess we’re supposed to follow her. The restaurant is dark and deep, yet she seats us right in the front in the glaring 5:30p sunshine. We try it out and then request new seats somewhere out of the sun, which requires extreme thought and planning by a now different greeter, since the place is maybe only 10% full. Another eye roll and a huff and we’re seated in a booth after my request, with an “I guess I can do that,” but much apparent mental anguish over the prospect.

    Waitress number one ihas the basic level of courtesy and interest. I like the waitress that, when queired over a wine, says “that’s good,” to the first wine, then the second, until ytou basically realize she says that about every wine. When queired if that’s what she says about every wine, we get the blank stare and “they’re all good.” Well, thanks for the help then.

    Please understand that my snarky commentary is usually reserved for blog posts. I treat restaurant staff with great respect and deference, as I used to be a bartender myself and know firsthand what they’re dealing with. I do not give people a hard time in general, even when I should. Just so you don’t think we walk in with attitude or are difficult customers. I am just a careful observer.

    To the staff: if you have less than one week on the job and you already hate it and/or your customers this much, you have chosen the wrong profession. I am flabbergasted that the ownership would employ people this unskilled in the most basic levels of customer service, especially en masse, and especially to be the ones to open a new restaurtant. Plus, get a fashion mag or watch some TV. The styles have been updated in the past 15 years, believe it or not.

    I will say on subsequent visit to the bar my bartender was great.

    Food – nothing special. Some people don’t like flat dense crusts. I think this is more flat and not dense enough to call dense. It’s more east coast, New York style pie. The kind you get form a pizza shop late night as you’re walking from one club to another or after a club closes. I like this style and nearly every other style of pizza imagineable. However, they don’t do anything special here, just mediocre, basic to blah pizza. The sausage is that crumbley dusty kind that comes on the 99¢ Totinos special from Safeway when you have the munchies in college. I like it but was somewhat surprised not to have more substantial meat. Did I mention the pizza is Freaking HUGE? Each pie is like four feet in diameter. This explains why they are at least $35 each. You could be more than fine with a slice or two, as each is as big as both your shoes.

    But this pie needs work, especially since the only way you sell it is in the dining room and you need to motivate people not to just order the pie but to come in and spend time eating it in your place. They do not offer takeout at all. It’s probably because there are no boxes big enough to hold their pies!

    At least they have big giant nice HD TVs to watch the game. They also have entertainment at night, which is a plus. I haven’t been there late but I imagine the scene changes around 10:00-10:30.

    Speaking of the scene, there were all kinds of different people there. I did see a lot of that West Seattle contingent of guys who don’t dress well and always have pink faces and spend a lot of time in bars. You see them in Safeway, too, never at Metropolitan Market or Thriftway. These people are everywhere in West Seattle and dispel the notion that it’s all yuppies and hippies out here.

    I’ll go back in hopes things get better. They can’t do much worse. But I like pizza a lot and would love to have a great place to go for good pies.

    OK, I hope I have given someone a laugh or at least a bewildered head shake.

  • sara July 24, 2006 (9:49 am)

    we have gone to Talarico’s a couple times and had a fabulous experience. The wait staff was friendly and our food came out quickly. The pizza was fantastic, the best in West Seattle I would say. I would highly recommend this place, it was incredible. People are crazy, this is the best pizza I have had in Seattle for a long time. go there, you’ll love it.

  • Andy July 24, 2006 (10:06 am)

    You people are absolutely crazy! I have been to Talarico’s twice now and both times the service was great and the pizza was outstanding. While the pizza is different than your usually fast food pizza (i.e. Dominos, Pizza Hut, Pagliacci), it is the perfect combination of quality toppings and delicious crust. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pagliacci, but it doesn’t compare. It is a little pricey, but you will leave full and very satisfied. Great ambiance too!

  • billy August 31, 2006 (8:20 pm)

    Talaricos pizza was amazing. They are a new restaurnt bar that has really stepped out and done something different! the food is amazing everything tastes like such quality. Thank goodness there are no screamong kids running around(i have children of my own). This is a perfect and finally wonderful adult only place. Happy hour rocks too!

  • Tri September 22, 2006 (9:54 am)

    I haven’t tried Talaricos yet, coming upon this post only after a co-worker and West Seattlite mentioned Talaricos and the good-looking crowd it seems to draw.

    But come on! Did anyone read the last three comments? Correct me if I’m wrong, but they sound like shills trying to prop up Talarico’s pizza in the face of thoughtful, withering reviews about the food. It’s transparent, insulting and lame.

    Go ahead. Call me a “crazy person!” Sheesh.

  • Administrator September 22, 2006 (12:28 pm)

    We do read everything before it goes on the site (if it’s a first-time poster) or shortly afterward. I have an unofficial policy that I won’t edit or delete comments barring some sort of heinous circumstances. Sp*m excepted — WordPress has a pretty good system for intercepting that.

  • yz250 October 15, 2006 (11:51 pm)

    I was at Talarico’s this past Thursday, and I LOVED it. I sat at the bar and the bartender was great. I ordered the west side slice and was very impressed. The slice was huge! I wasn’t happy with the beer choices, but the tequila options were fabulous. the lady behind the bar makes a great margarita and is very easy on the eyes.
    I think people who don’t like the place should stay away and leave way for the rest of us that do. Keep up the good work to whom ever is in charge. (more beer please)

  • Josh November 27, 2006 (1:33 pm)

    I liked the place allot except for on major thing. They have these huge TV’s and they are very nice for watching the Hawk games and most of the seating is set up to view the TV’s. But the only spot you will enjoy them is at the bar. They have all of their lights hanging down obstructing the view of the TV’s. My friends and I tried 3 different spots during the Rams game before we got a spot at the bar. And we were not the only ones trying to get that spot. I’m going there tonight for MNF and if the bar is taken I will walk out the door and head to the Rocksport. I can’t believe an owner would not sit in every seat and look for problems. No one wants to see Jeremy Stevens drop a TD pass with a ceiling light in the way…. wait maybe that’s a good thing.

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