There’ll be no living with them now

The fine folks of West 5 got a newspaper rave today. That’s probably why the line was out the door when I drove through the Junction around 6:40 tonight. I agree with the reviewer about the mac ‘n’ cheese. However, how can they pass right over the incredible BLT (even more incredibly edible when you get the avocado add-on)?

P.S. Very busy night in the Junction … especially around the Senior Center, which appeared to be having some sort of shindig upstairs, live music included (someone playing a bass could be seen against a window).

3 Replies to "There'll be no living with them <i>now</i>"

  • Chris M February 24, 2006 (8:35 pm)

    Good thing I got my Mac & Cheese fix in earlier this week — I’ll take a little West 5 sabbatical for a few weeks. (They’ve taken enough of my money anyway!) ;)

  • HC February 25, 2006 (9:15 am)

    Re: The Senior Center — that was Mardi Gras Bingo, and it was a blast! It’s a fundraiser of sorts for the Senior center, and they’ll be having another for Cinco de Mayo.

    (No band or bass playing though, so I’m not sure what you saw?)

  • Administrator February 25, 2006 (9:15 pm)

    thanks for the info. guess the alleged live-music sighting could have been my eyes playing tricks on me … a little overdue for my semi-annual visit to West Seattle Optical (the nicest optometrist I’ve ever met) … :)

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