Congratulations, Seahawks & fans – Super Bowl-bound!

(Rerunning Scott Nelson‘s photo since we’ll see this from WS for two more weeks!)
7:02 PM: Fireworks are echoing around West Seattle (and we’re guessing the rest of the city) with news that the Seahawks have defeated the 49ers 23-17 and are headed to the Super Bowl, where they will face the Denver Broncos two weeks from today! First official political news release, from King County Executive Dow Constantine:

“What a tough, hard-fought game. On to the Super Bowl! It’s Denver vs. Seattle, cowboy boots vs. hiking boots, the Rockies vs. MUCH taller Mt. Rainier – Bring home the trophy! Go Hawks!!”

Since Washington and Colorado both have legalized marijuana, this has also already been widely dubbed The Pot Bowl (or similar).

ADDED 9:03 PM: Via the WSB Facebook page, Kristan shared this photo of fans she spotted on a mini-parade around Westwood Village after the game:

As Super Bowl excitement booms over the next two weeks, let us know if your business/school/workplace/etc. is doing something special – share a pic, a tip, an announcement, whatever – here’s how.

44 Replies to "Congratulations, Seahawks & fans - Super Bowl-bound!"

  • Brian Sailey January 19, 2014 (7:23 pm)

    Do we now have to declare Paul Allen a Saint? Do we have to stop complaining about his using taxpayer funding for his Seahawks stadium enriching himself further by hundreds of millions of dollars while the taxpayers get nothing? If so–then congratulations Seahawks fans. Your favorite for profit corporation beat another for profit corporation in a game played for the single purpose of getting every dime out of the communities involved as possible. Suggested reading: “Public Dollars, Private Stadiums: The Battle over Building Sports Stadiums”

    ” Delaney and Eckstein show that in the face of studies demonstrating that new sports facilities don’t live up to their promise of big money, proponents are using a new tactic to win public subsidies¾intangible “social” rewards, such as prestige and community cohesion. The authors find these to be empty promises as well, demonstrating that new stadiums may exacerbate, rather than erase, social problems in cities.”

  • boy January 19, 2014 (7:23 pm)

    so far none of the talking heads are giving ceridit to our feild goal kicker. he made 9 points for us. go hawks

  • Wet Head January 19, 2014 (7:25 pm)

    Seattle vs. Denver, representing the two states with legal pot. Maybe it should be the Pot Bowl. The governors should bet something more interesting than apples, salmon or craft beer.

  • Wet Head January 19, 2014 (7:31 pm)

    The governors should bet something more interesting than apples, salmon, or craft beer.

  • WestSide45 January 19, 2014 (7:33 pm)

    Three peaks in the Rockies are higher than Mt. Rainier, although Mt. Rainier is much more impressive, because you see its entire height.

  • Eric January 19, 2014 (7:38 pm)

    Whoo hooo! Yeah!!!! GO HAWKS!!!

  • Arrowfield January 19, 2014 (7:39 pm)

    I think that it should be called the Stupor Bowl! LOL! I didn’t think that was a performance enhancing drug…

  • Gatewood mom January 19, 2014 (8:03 pm)

    Bring out your munches!

    Maybe the gov can bet who has the best brownie recipe.

  • Mike January 19, 2014 (8:14 pm)

    “Your favorite for profit corporation beat another for profit corporation in a game played for the single purpose of getting every dime out of the communities involved as possible”
    Well Brian, you’re right. Absolutely right. It’s a good thing millions of dollars have flooded our cities other businesses every day helping fund jobs, benefits, and massive fund raising for non-profits under the Seahawks 12th Man craziness. Honestly, you should really applaud a team this young for doing what they’ve done. Not only on the field, in the community. I’m sure you’ve done 10x the amount of personal visits and fund raising for Children’s Hospital that Russell Wilson, the team and 12th Man has, right?

  • Lura January 19, 2014 (8:24 pm)

    Brian – poor timing.
    Westside45 – The tops of some Rockies are as high as Mt Rainier, but they start a mile above sea-level.

  • WS andrew January 19, 2014 (8:41 pm)

    Mountains are also ranked by “promenance”. Mt. Rainier is the most prominent mountain in the continental US, and ranked 21st in the world. Colorado has no mountains that even break the top 125. Go Hawks!

  • Josh January 19, 2014 (8:46 pm)

    Great post and picture by the West Seattle Blog! This stuff brings us all together!
    The 1st comment by Brian, and others, make me sick. Lighten up. You sound like a miserable person to be around! I’m PROUD of the Hawks and our very classy city and fans!!!!

  • Seattle proud January 19, 2014 (8:47 pm)

    I recently moved to Seattle from Denver, and I love everything, everything about Seattle more. The mountains, the sea, the culture, the people. I love you, Seattle! And I can’t wait to see the Seahawks crush the Broncos! Go Hawks!!!!

  • ruse January 19, 2014 (10:21 pm)

    Congratulations to the Seahawks players and fans. Brian has a good point though and the illiteracy of the players at the college level is alarming. Sports are a great activity, especially when you are playing them yourself (watching is fairly boring IMHO). Also, several young people are duped into believing professional sports is a likely career path for them only to be sorely disappointed.

  • Bornonalki January 19, 2014 (10:42 pm)

    Whoohoo!! Goin’ to the Super Bowl!!!
    GO HAWKS!!!!

    Welcome to Seattle ‘Seattle Proud’. It’s a great day to be SEATTLE PROUD for sure!

  • Krm66 January 19, 2014 (10:43 pm)

    Brian- I knew there would be someone who would try to be the Debbie Downer about the win.
    I am very happy the Hawks won. I think it is great seeing so many people in the city excited for something. My 3 year old was having a blast screaming “SEA-HAWKS” and hearing other people in the neighborhood reply.
    Go Hawks!!!

  • jwright January 20, 2014 (2:47 am)

    Brian sez:

    “blah blah blah congratulations Seahawks fans.”


    Seahawks Fans

  • Charell Estby January 20, 2014 (4:16 am)

    Yay Hawks! I knew we would do it. This is OUR year!

  • Niner in Seattle January 20, 2014 (5:54 am)

    Seattle v Denver gives a whole new meaning to “Bud Bowl”.
    BTW am I the only person who was put off by Richard Sherman’s post-game comments?

  • enid January 20, 2014 (7:16 am)

    Great. Yet another excuse for illegal fireworks.

  • Mn January 20, 2014 (7:44 am)

    Great game but Richard Sherman is an embarrassment
    Poor sportsmanship

  • Elizagrace January 20, 2014 (8:17 am)

    In regards to Sherman’s post game interview, this might be a good read…

  • AmandaKH January 20, 2014 (8:36 am)

    Sherman’s interview happened minutes after that game winning play. His adrenaline and testosterone levels were through the roof! Give the guy a break. He graduated 2nd is his high school class, is a Stanford grad, and in his second year of playing pro ball, is a All-Pro.

  • cruzer January 20, 2014 (8:50 am)

    Props to Richard Sherman for saving the game in the endzone! What he said after the game was absolutely right.

  • Anne January 20, 2014 (9:15 am)

    Agree with AmandaKH- his comments were made moments after the game – adrenaline running super high. If anyone- like us – continued watching TV after-Sherman was interviewd twice more- at the round table- with commentators & later at the press conference-he was in control – articulate. While his comments right after the game may have been a bit ” cringe-worthy”- we have no idea what went on through out the game -or before- between these two – I don’t consider it poor sportsmanship on his part at all.

  • Bornonalki January 20, 2014 (9:21 am)

    +1 for the link!

  • Eric January 20, 2014 (9:43 am)

    Brian’s obviously a niners fan, lol

  • ByeAlki January 20, 2014 (10:38 am)

    CONGRATULATIONS, SEAHAWKS!!! You’ve got at least 3 newly relocated Wisconsinites behind ‘ya!

  • WSeattleTransplant January 20, 2014 (11:32 am)

    While I am in no way, shape or form, a sports fan by any measure (I avoid it like the plague) lol… Congrats Seattle. You deserved this win. :)

  • Tebowing January 20, 2014 (11:55 am)

    Why do we have a King County Executive who would make such uninformed and moronic statements? Colorado has a trio of peaks which are indisputably taller than is Mount Rainier.

    Maybe the story in the Monday Times about the decay of “Martin Luther King” streets across the land should be extended to include counties now named after Dr. King.

    “Prominence” does not apply in such a case, as the comparative height of immobile objects must be measured from the same base, which, per the universal standard, is “sea level”.

    The implication that Manute Bol was somehow “taller” when playing on a court filled with 6th graders, than he was when playing against Jabbar, is pure stupidity.

  • blockedpunt January 20, 2014 (12:22 pm)

    Wow. Dow Constantine’s press release is idiotic.

  • blocked punt January 20, 2014 (12:30 pm)

    Brian, I actually agree with your post about the taxpayers being asked to foot the bill for pro sports teams. We take on all the risk for someone else’s profit. Which is why I grit my teeth anytime someone mentions trying to bring the sonics back and for the city to chip in with millions in new bonds for a stadium that will be obsolete in 20 years. If it’s such a great deal, why don’t the people pushing this take on all the risk to go with the profit?

    That said, I love the game of football and appreciate what we have here in our Seahawks.

  • higgins January 20, 2014 (1:45 pm)

    I agree with @ruse that too many young people these days think a career in professional sports is a viable career path. That’s why I really liked Russell Wilson’s comments after the game. In essence, he said that if you have the talent and you work hard enough, you can reach your goals, but you gotta make sure you have the talent first. That’s a much better message to send to young people.

  • slatsbob January 20, 2014 (3:02 pm)

    oh for god’s sakes people, lighten up (those who are trying to politicize a game/sport/stadium). Don’t you realize you’re making a fool of yourself – and your cause – when you can’t help but spout irrelevant (to this moment) rantings about public funding of stadiums, etc.? Not the time or the place. At all.

    I’m a transplanted Coloradan to Seattle. I still love the Broncos, but I’m pulling for the Seahawks in the SB. The game yesterday was all about “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” It was a sporting spectacle to savor (so glad I DVR’d it!). I loved the passion and the intensity of the game – can only hope the SB can match it. Go Seahawks!!!

  • happy January 20, 2014 (6:13 pm)

    happy happy happy! It’s a great day and I’m happy!!
    Lets all be happy together!!!! thank you Seahawks for playing a kick-ass game and all the fans being loud and happy!!!

  • hj January 20, 2014 (7:57 pm)

    @Tebowing: Prominence in topography is a real thing. It’s not about absolute height– there’s no disputing that– but about a summit’s relationship to other nearby summits. You should look it up!

  • G January 20, 2014 (8:32 pm)

    More timid Seattle political correctness. Who cares whether Sherman graduated from Stanford or second in his class, or what we said after that interview? In THAT sound bite he sounded like a classless moron – period.

  • Lura January 20, 2014 (10:06 pm)

    Political correctness? Huh? How on earth does that apply?

    A brilliant football player makes a game-winning play, and he’s, well, boastful. So what. People are offended that he didn’t say a rehearsed vanilla speech, in an intense moment of passion?

    And Mt Rainier IS taller. Colorado mountains have higher elevations, but their base is near mile-high Denver, so a 14-foot Colorado peak is actually around 9000 feet tall. To say they are taller than Rainier is like saying a 6-foot man in Seattle is shorter than a 4-foot man in Denver, because his head is closer to sea level.
    I find it really, really weird that people feel just fine about their own right to post insulting stuff here, in the guise of criticizing somebody else saying an insult?

  • Alphonse January 20, 2014 (10:22 pm)

    I’ve lived in Seattle over 10 years, and sometimes the only time I feel welcome here is when I’m in CenturyLink. For this reason and many others, I love the Seahawks. I don’t necessarily agree with public funding for stadiums. I also don’t necessarily agree with being childless and paying the same or more in property taxes as someone with 8 kids. It’s part of living in a community.

  • phil dirt January 22, 2014 (6:55 am)

    Football is a great diversion from the reality of the real world. That said, it gets a little old to listen to some of these sports stars go off as if it’s the only thing that matters. I guess I’m old fashioned, but it bothers me to know that youngters are listening and are influenced by what they hear from their adult heros.

    I’m a long time admirer of the Manning family, Archie, Eli and Peyton. It will be interesting to see how the SB turns out. I’ll be rooting for the old guy, Peyton Manning, and the Denver Broncos.

  • leamk January 22, 2014 (2:10 pm)

    “More timid Seattle political correctness…”

    Wha…? Sorry your delicate sensibilities were injured by the passionate rantings of the loud, large athlete. It’s FOOTBALL not a tea party! I thought it was awesome, honest, and REAL – not some canned response designed to give everyone the warm fuzzies.

  • phil dirt January 22, 2014 (5:25 pm)

    OK leamk, you want honest and real ……… I’ll be rooting for the Broncos to kick some mouthy, obnoxious, Sea Hack tail. Go Broncos! Bye the way, I’m about the least political correct person you could ever imagine. I was just trying to be as subtle as I could so that some whiner doesn’t complain and get my post deleted!

  • Eric January 22, 2014 (8:15 pm)

    Oh Good grief

  • You are clueless January 29, 2014 (9:00 am)

    Lura, you don’t have a clue.

    Three peaks in Colorado are “indisputably” taller than is Mount Rainier.

    Your clueless rant is akin to suggesting that Wilt Chamberlain was somehow shorter when in Colorado than he was when in California.

    “Elevation” is, and will always BE the soul measure of how “tall” a mountain peak is!

    What we really want to know, collectively, is how in the hell you could suggest that something 14-feet tall in Colorado is arbitrarily “9000 feet tall”.

    Maybe you don’t understand what is meant by “Mile-high”? A mile, regardless of where you measure it, remains 5280 feet.

    So something “14-feet” tall, near “mile-high Denver” would be 5294 feet, and not “around 9000 feet tall”, as suggested by your insane statements.

    The fact remains that our King County Executive is a poor representation of King County, based in part on the obvious fact that he doesn’t know enough about the world beyond King County to keep King County relevant.

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