FOUND CAT: North Shorewood – BACK HOME – September 17, 2019 11:27 am

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  • Graciano September 19, 2019 (5:03 pm)

    No picture yet, cat must be really skittish? 

  • waikikigirl September 27, 2019 (5:46 pm)

       This is the finder of cat—–we are going to try and catch it and take it to Burien Animal Care & Control -we live in the City of Burien.We have fed it a few times but let me just say this  infuriates me that this cat  was dumped, left or is  just being neglected and has to fend for itself!!! 

  • waikikigirl September 30, 2019 (7:38 pm)

    UPDATE… Owner found but now we can’t catch the cat it won’t even come to its owner. :>( poor scared kitty and very sad people.

  • waikikigirl October 3, 2019 (5:41 pm)

    YAHOO!!!!! Sweet kitty is finally home! She came to our back slider looking for food I got her inside and called her people, they comforted her for about 1/2 hr and then got her into the carrier.I was told she is forbidden to go outside on their deck for life and just a note…she brought us a present dropped it at the door sometime today while we were at work…a baby mouse/rat! UGH! :>)

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