DECEASED CAT: Seen in The Junction – June 3, 2020 11:44 am

Jennifer emailed: I was unable to stop but there is a medium to long haired black and white cat that appears to have been hit by a car and is deceased at the corner of Oregon & 42nd, on the church street side.

Then Caitlyn emailed:

We found a poor deceased kitty this morning on the corner of Oregon and 41st.

It is a long haired tuxedo cat , no collar. Coat and weight look healthy, he/she is probably about 12-15 pounds, which makes us worried it might be someone’s pet.

From where it’s laying we assume it was struck and killed by a car then moved up onto the corner, however there are no visible injuries. It is in a very visible spot, so families be warned because it could be upsetting to children.

We’ve called the local vets and reported to animal control, though wanted to post here in case someone has lost their cat and could identify. They warned it could be a few days before the body is removed and checked for a microchip.

(Photo here – if it’s yours, let us know, we can connect you with Caitlyn)

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