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    Looking for someone to do some yard work, nothing hard, just maintenance stuff, 2656 sw roxbury st… contact meme ASAP Lawrence@roxburyclinic.com… 206-898-9202



    Avoid Danny Munoz, aka Dan’s or Danny’s Yard Service. Charges up front, doesn’t follow through.



    Rafael with Union Landscaping did a great clean-up job for me. 206-429-0808



    I had a similar experience with Danny Munoz. All talk, no action. Avoid!



    NO on Danny. He is very unreliable and doesn’t do a good job if he does show up.



    Oh no! The Danny Munoz I know and I know his customers has NEVER charged up front, that is completely false. The comments of dissatisfation on his work are also quite vague. Danny is the type that if you arent happy he will get the job done until you are. Communication is key here as Danny has been a lifetime West Seattle resident and has dozens and dozens of longterm happy customers, customers who communication with him about the work and have a mutual understanding of what is to be done. I am also witness to Danny being reliable. He always answers his phone and returns calls promptly. He works folks into his schedule as they come up and he always follows through. Im sorry for the unhappy service you feel you received, perhaps there was a misunderstanding. Danny always wants to make things right. It surprises me he wasnt given the opportunity to provide the top service he gives all his customers.



    Give him that chance and get to know him, give him a text or call for yard work, trimming , and hauling! 206 453 9006



    I had the same experience with Danny Munoz. He charged me $400 up front, was completely unspecific about the scope, and did very little. When I saw how things were going, I fired him and asked for a refund for the remaining balance. He agreed but then invented a new charge for picking up bark that we hadn’t agreed to and didn’t give me my refund. In the month in which he did about one-fifth of my yard, the growth got really out of hand. In terms of his communication, when I canned him, he told me the problem was that my expectations were impossible and that no wonder I had trouble getting people to work on my yard. By contrast, the guy I hired after him did the *entire* yard, including the messy overgrowth Danny left, for $350 and did a beautiful job. Linda, who always recommends him, is his girlfriend.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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