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    Can anyone recommend a reliable, reasonably-priced yard crew? We need help with spring garden clean-up and then maintenance on a regular basis. Weeding, pruning, edging, etc. We’ve tried a couple of individuals and companies in the past and have not had good luck with them returning calls. It looks like most of the recommendations here are a little old, so if there is someone you are using currently that you like, I would love to hear about them. Thanks!!



    Last year I hired someone from the Millionaire’s Club to come out and do major clearing work in my backyard which I had unfortunately allowed to get way out of hand. I was sent a man who spent about 8 hours working harder than I ever could have imagined and did an extraordinary amount of work – something that would have taken me days of effort to accomplish. It cost me $15/hour, a pair of gloves, lunch, and a ride downtown so he didn’t have to take as many buses to get home. If you find someone you like, you can request that same person to come back. If you’re okay with providing all tools, I highly recommend trying out the Millionaire’s Club. My one caveat – I used the online system and my request didn’t go through. It was a good thing I followed up with a call otherwise nobody would have showed.



    We’ve been using Eusbio Tovar for years. His crew is awesome, prices are reasonable. 206-762-1735



    Another contact is Elais (Eli) Frye, who’s dependable and a super guy. I don’t know his rates, but you can call him at: (312)505-9431.


    Good to know about the Millionaire’s Club. I had a good experience with them as well.



    A good suggestion on the Millionaire’s Club – made me realize I should have been more specific – since I have a small child at home, I’m not really comfortable giving a day laborer a ride with her in the car. Good to keep in mind for other, smaller jobs, though. We also really need someone with their own tools as ours are more “light duty” and the job would probably go a lot easier with “professional duty” tools!

    I’ll give the other two a call. Any other shout-outs?



    Northwest Botanicals is a great, local company and wonderful to work with. Contact Pat Reh at 206.932.1850 or nwpat@yahoo.com.



    hello, grapetomato, This is Al the yard guy. We can help you there. contact infor is Almco@aol.com. please feel free to email me.





    I just wanted to thank everyone for their recommendations. We ended up hiring Eusebio Tovar for yard clean up and weeding and he did a great job – fast and reasonably priced. Our neighbor liked what he saw so much, he hired him on the spot! We also used Northwest Botanicals for pruning several trees and shrubs and they were very knowledgeable and easy to work with. I highly recommend both companies!



    Glad you had a good experience with both companies!



    I use Casa Latina. They deliver their workers. Talk about hard working guys. I’ve never had a bad or slow one. Call 206.956.0779


    These folks do about anything and there is a house cleaning department as well.



    Slow gardeners?! Surely this cannot not be tolerated.

    Speed+gardening=maximum efficiency and a beautiful landscape?

    Gotta have the fast ones. Faster, speedier, this is what one looks for in a good gardener……:-?



    Based on the recommendation here, I called Eli Frye, who worked very hard last Saturday and today, doing raking, edging, washing, and general spring cleanup of my yard. A very pleasant guy and a determined worker–I recommend him highly and would happily call him again.



    I have a G R E A T yard person, they just did my yard, it was a jungle but now it’s beautiful. I needed Heavy Weeding and Pruning, no mowing. Leave even brought in gravel for me !!

    It’s 2 guys and they work really yard and do a wonderful job.

    Tran’s Gardening 206-579-3895

    He came over and gave me a flat quote. They thought it would take 3 days but it took 5 and they stuck to their quote. They were very eager to make sure I was happy and they guarantee their work. Love them !!!

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