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    Is anyone else noticing that Xfinity is slow in the Arbor Heights area? Curious if it is due to everyone being home, if there is an issue, or if its just my router. I’m currently seeing 1Mb/s and I typically get 150Mb/s.

    Please chime in if you are experiencing similar issues.




    This can happen for a number of reasons.
    If you already checked for an outage and there is none, restart your router and check speed again.
    Login to your router and make sure you don’t need to switch channels if too many people are sharing the same channel it can slow you down, though usually not that much.
    If it’s an xfinity supplied router turn of the default xfinity wifi hotspot. They tell you it won’t slow down your speed, but it does.
    If none of that works try renewing your IP lease.
    I personally switched to Century Link and live in your hood. It’s $65 a month even, for life as long as you don’t move. 1G speeds. I have not had a single issue with it since switching.



    Even after taking all the measures speed is not what we used to get. Even there is a limit on Video quality.



    Did anyone solve the issue?

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