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    Chris Bell

    Ate at the Wing Dome last night. Thought the wings were so-so. They were deep fried and overcooked. They also seemed old to me as if they were cooked several hours before.

    Service was very good and friendly. I’m a big wing fan, so I plan to try again in a month or so.

    Anyone else have thoughts?



    Was there last night as well for the not so great loss of my beloved Cowboys. Probably will not go back for a game but I will go back for grub. Too small of a restaurant to take up a table for a couple of hours. Back to the Rocksport!

    Had wings as well and I thought they were pretty good. Their cheese bread is to die for!



    Ate there on Sat night and was terribly disappointed on the following fronts: food quality; food prep; service; value. Went with a friend and ordered a dozen wings — undersauced, overcooked, cold. Took 45 minutes for wings to arrive. Also ordered a salad — really horrible, brown, mushy, left in the flavor extractor too long. Split a burger as well. Ordered it medium rare, arrived well done. Meat not great, bun not toasted, fries looked like the bargain frozen crapola one finds at Big Lots. The pitcher of beer was, thankfully, both wet and cold. Our server was absent/AWOL for the majority of the evening. Then the bill came. $50 for a burger, a salad, wings and beers. For reals? As I was walking back home, our path crossed the door of Spring Hill and I realized that for $25 each, we could have eaten there! C’mon Wingdome, get it together. Serve better quality food, take more care in cooking it and have a little pride in serving it.



    My husband & I tried Wing Dome last week-it was great! We had the fried pickles(not quite as tasty as Shadowlands-but good),& 2 kinds of wings. Plus a half order of Waffle Fries (for $1.99)-terrific-hot & crispy! Service was great & there was a busy happy vibe going on-which we enjoyed!



    We went last Saturday for lunch. Despite being very busy, we got our food quickly and it was great! Ordered wings for ourselves, a friend ordered a burger (she said it was awesome), and some sliders from the kid’s menu. Pretty sure the kid’s portion would have been more food than even an adult needs. The crinkle fries were some of the best fries I’ve ever had. We’ll go back, but probably on a night where they have a wing and beer special. Going for wings is always a bit on the pricier side.



    Went last night – food was about as expected, but the service was poor. Forgot my wife’s salad (10 minutes, at least), tough to get a new beer (5-star wings = thirsty) and at least 10 minutes to pick up the bill. It was crowded though – so good for them.

    I hate to leave a bad tip when I think it is really managements fault. How on earth people open a new restaurant and not OVERSTAFF for the first few months is beyond me. Two more waitstaff and all would be smooth with minimal complaints. Now, they run the possibility of losing clients forever – although I will certainly give them one more chance.




    Maybe they read the blog? Just a thought…..



    I knew I shouldn’t have worn that “Smitty” cap!



    why smitty..

    does that mean you could have more than one cap here?

    and i thought you were an original.



    Went to Wing Dome on Thursday, 1 dozen order, a beer and one soda, $25+ tip, too much for my blood and wings had very little meat on them. Service was good.

    Brick Yard BBQ has Wing Weds a large serving for $5, with lots of meat. That will stick as my choice.



    Just the smell of the place from the outside is enough to make me speedwalk away. Old death and hot oil. I’ll take my lunches at the Swinery, thanks!



    Tried it once and never again. Wings must be from the smallest chickens ever slaughtered. $29.82 for 18 wings, half order of garlic fries and a beer. Blue cheese & ranch dressings for the wings straight from a bottle. A complete let down after reading all the hype. Unfortunately, it’s very nice wait staff and service can’t save this place for me.



    We went there for dinner last night. I also thought it was overpriced for what it is. The two of us split a dozen wings, salad, two beers and a cocktail, and it was a little more than $50. The wings were pretty good, but the salad was just mediocre. Likely won’t be going back, except maybe for the $.60 wings on Mondays.



    I was not impressed either, my wings were definitely under-sauced, think I’d rather go to the Tea Room next door.



    Wings should be cheap. These aren’t. They are $1.10 for tiny, tiny wings. Tiny. But that isn’t the biggest crime – they have no flavor or sauce. They want an extra .60 for more sauce. Come on, at least put enough on to begin with. We ordered three flavors and they were indistinguishable from each other.

    Add to that – cement floors, metal chairs, metal table – this is not the place you want to spend a cold Seattle evening.

    I was looking forward to it, I won’t bother going back.



    Their wings are decent. The place is doing a booming business, though, so that must mean there’s a hole in the market for this type of place. The pricing is not surprising. As with everything in Seattle, it’s expensive. I still get a chuckle when I read the menu at West 5 and it says “West Seattle friendly prices.” No one neighborhood has lock on friendly pricing. Maybe way back in the day, but those days are long gone.



    Pizza Hut is selling Wings for .50 a pop. I would consider Pizza Hut the bottom of the barrel quality wise. They sell a pizza for $10 and when I make the same thing at home with top shelf ingredients it costs me at least double (I know, they buy in quantity) so to buy what I consider top quality for wings for double the price, it doesn’t sound so bad to me.



    OK, WTH?? My husb just ordered the fight for the night and fight night means wings in this here house…. but do you think I could find the WingDome’s WINGS menu online? To order for pickup?? Ummmm, NOPE. The rest of the menu is online but there’s a little blurb that says look at your wing menu on the table blah blah. Sorry, with 2 little ones, I don’t have time to wait around after ordering, I need to just pick up and go (afterall it is also bath night for the wee ones.)

    Feedback Lounge gets my biz tonight, their menu w/wings is online and will be ready in 15 minutes.



    Jissy – Stop and pickup some Stresstabs while your out and about.



    Haven’t had a chance to try Wing Dome yet. Is there a reason the wing menu is only on the table – rotates like a special of the day? Just curious.



    when you go to WingDome menu, on the home page click on Food and then click on “Wing Card”. Scroll down past the drinks, and there is a complete wing menu….



    My bad — you’re right, Jan… I guess in my haste I didn’t explore the whole site. Thanks for pointing the way.

    And MrJT — no need for the stresstabs, just a frazzled mom trying to do it all and please the masses while keeping a smile on my face.

    BTW, the Feedback wings were….. interesting. I’m looking forward to using the extra sauce to cook some chicken in myself this week! YUMMY.



    I hate to say it (because I dont want you ALL to rush there and crowd the place) but Feedback’s wings are FANTASTIC. One of my favorite places in all of Seattle.

    Good beers? check

    Atmosphere? check

    great food? check

    great service? check check check

    Owner is freaking awesome? Chikkity CHECK!



    Wing Dome…very disappointing. Pricey, chemical-tasting drinks. Had mini-burgers…dry little pucks that were a challenge to swallow. Bummer. It’ll be off the list for us.


    I enjoy the Wingdome. Yes, it is a little pricey, but I try to go on Monday’s when the have .59 cent wings. I usually get 5 four’s and 5 five’s and an order of fries, which, contrary to a previous poster, are hot, crispy and delicious.

    But, to each his/her own. I like Wingdome and will continue to eat there, other’s won’t.

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