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    Today at approx. 4pm at the Westwood village QFC, I see 3 teenage shoplifters loading up and walking out the door, I tell the person at the service desk and she just smiles at me.
    Looking out he window they run thru the parking lot.

    I have been told by QFC that unless the manager sees it then there is nothing they will do.

    Shoplifting makes you and me pay more for our food.

    I did call the police and they said that will only respond if the store calls them.

    You know I got nipped by a friends dog and the owner gave the dog a treat, told the dog NO. but was rewarded for biting me. I got bit several times that day.

    So we reward shoplifters by not attempting to stop them, because of liability issues.

    So whats up.

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    Same thing happens at Safeway on Roxbury…SAD!



    I’m not surprised by QFC staff’s reaction. The last QFC manager that tried to stop shoplifters was transferred and demoted by the corporate office. Initially, they were going to fire him but went with demotion. It seems corporate prefers placing cameras in every aisle and checkout.



    I was at the QFC Starbuck’s one day and the Barista and I both saw this guy walk out with “items” and she just said “we are not to do anything, just let them go” terrible isn’t it because these thieves know this.



    I suspect that theft is a huge drag on our economy. We all pay more because some people don’t pay at all. At a certain point, retailers that effectively curb shoplifting (think Costco and Amazon?) will have such a price advantage that traditional retailers will lose business. Until then, I think stores do an analysis – weighing the cost of shoplifting against the cost of enforcement and behaving accordingly.

    Shoplifting does appear rampant. I remember shopping at Rite Aid a while back and the checker commented that they had several bottles of expensive premium booze stolen earlier that day. At $40 or $50 per bottle that really sends prices up for the rest of us.



    Maybe this is the reason that QFC and Safeway look so scraggly… No money to do decent cleaning or staffing. Much of the staff looks unprofessional and depressed. I’ve heard arguing among cashiers and baggers as well as gossiping about other staff and personal lives. . I live in West Seattle, now I shop in the area I work. Much more pleasant. By the way, it’s the Westwood and Roxbury stores I’m talking about. I contacted store managers but the gossiping and snarky comments have really changed much.



    Don’t blame the employees at these stores that you say look so scraggly I have lived and shopped in this area my whole life and have seen the area go down hill dramatically, blame our “officials” in office that won’t clean up the homeless drug addicts in the area, they’re the ones shoplifting!
    Just wondering how is it you hear gossiping ??? do you hang out with the employees on their breaks?



    QFC is not the same store since Kroger bought them.. the employees now have little to say about corporate policy which is enforced from the top down. it’s sad really. i loved that store

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