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    “The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries office confirmed Wednesday that two sea lions were found shot, killed and dumped in West Seattle.

    Several additional sea lions have also been found dead in the past several weeks, and veterinarians are in the process of confirming how they died. ”

    I hope they find whoever is responsible and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Does anyone know anything about this?



    There’s an article about this on the home page of the WSB. It’s really awful. Very likely a fisherman or several.



    Way to start pointing fingers. Why don’t you wait for an investigation before painting with a HUGE brush….Don’t know many fishermen interested in losing EVERYTHING for killing a pinniped….I can think of at least 10 other potential parties….But won’t mention them, I prefer facts to hysterical accusations.



    There is no limit to human greed or human stupidity. As a species, we’re not very good at sharing. If a planet were represented as a neighborhood, humans are the last ones you’d want moving in.

    I hope these killers are caught and made to pay for these senseless murders.



    yes.. it’s wrong to point fingers..
    but i wish you had also said that a fisherman who shot a “pinniped” should lose everything for that illegal act.
    the truth is that too much evil is overlooked simply because those who could have prevented it don’t want to get involved.. to be blamed…

    isn’t it time we started holding ourselves accountable?



    Ahhhhh, my dear Job. Here we go again ;-)

    Once more, you did not read my post thoroughly. Or maybe you did and did not understand the implication that fishermen would risk everything in shooting a pinniped (interesting you put my scientific description in quotations)

    Fact is, if you’re interested in the legality of such a thing, licensed sportsmen (and women) and commercial fishers I’m sure risk EVERYTHING should they decide to break the law. Moreso than “regular” law breakers. You see, wildlife violations are subject to “forfeiture” meaning anything attached to the commission of the crime is subject to seizure….IE if you poach, and have trailered your boat to the launch site, not only are your possessions in the boat subject for seizure, but the boat, trailer and towing vehicle. If a firearm is involved, it too is seized. ANYTHING touched by the commission of a wildlife violation is up for grabs by the state. I do not think this applies to minor fishing violations (ie fishing with barbed hooks in a barbless region, fishing with bait in a no bait area, etc)Serious, yes – but not as detrimental poaching.

    I am sorry that you are not versed on the law, but the statement I made about fishermen not being “interested in losing EVERYTHING” certainly covers your wish that I had “also said that a fisherman who shot a “pinniped” should lose everything for that illegal act.” The implication is certainly there. RCW 77.15.070



    Isn’t discharging a weapon (at anything) in the city of Seattle illegal?

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