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    Our new Chief Grossman seems to be lobbying very hard against police budget reductions. When he says no officer is available to respond to a matter that’s not life or death, I can’t get a fix on whether what he’s saying is true. There’s a relentless quality to his statements that makes me skeptical.



    Defund the City Clown-cil, cut their pay.
    Fund the Police.

    Without Law and Order , Seattle will be like Mogadishu and as a matter of fact, Seattle is already Mogadishu



    The Chief is overpayed just like the rest of them. The action of defunding the police and cutting their budget is linked to restructuring how the police force is funded. No more wasteful SWAT militarization bullcrap. Transfer 911 to civilian control. Reduce administration costs! It’s ridiculous that an area as large as West Seattle would only get 8 cops on patrol. Even if you are scared by defunding talks you have to see that the current system doesn’t work.



    Help me out here. So we move all this “stuff” away from the police. Will it be private companies taking over or will they be run by the gov’t.?? Who’s controlling THEIR pay and benefit’s?? WHO will be held accountable for their interaction’s with the people in need and the taxpayer’s money??. Will the people protesting the “broken” SPD be as zealous in monitoring the “new system” and making sure it actually work’s???.

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    she just resigned

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