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    Pidgeon Point Residents! Your sign says “Home of the T-137 Mystery Bunker”. What is it? Where exactly is it? How do I get to it? What is it now? Will I be shot if I find out or go there? BTW, that radio tower on 4441 21ST AVE SW 98106 is described as a “Radio Training Tower”. (?!)

    In my HS years, I used to go to an abandoned Nike Missile complex for “extracurricular” activities. In my youth, I used to sneak into an abandoned grandstand at a defunct horse racing track. I also like to track down where all the trolleys ran in WS. I love urban exploring so if anyone knows of any other crazy places in West Seattle, chime up!

    OK, get your tin hats on…

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    Wow…Thanks! Too bad it’s gone. I went to King County’s iMap Parcel Viewer & set the base map to 2007 & it looks to be already gone. The only map before that was 1936 & it shows a field there before the radio facility. Reminds me of Fort Ward on the south end of Bainbridge Island where there was a secret government radio intercept facility named “Station S” covering the Pacific during WWII in addition to the gun emplacements. They intercepted the messages instructing the Japanese Ambassador to break off negotiations with Washington D.C. right before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I’ve been there a few times. Again, thank you!

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