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    Zamboanga at Alaska Junction needs experienced sales help.




    What is the contact information?

    Thank You


    I am interested. I would also like to know the contact information. Thanks.


    Participant Zamboanga…you might want to work on your website a bit…there’s no contact info on there…and…you mention Coffee To A Tea and A Terrible Beauty as other local businesses, and they haven’t been in the junction for quite some time…:)



    Maybe it’s just me but if I were interested in the position I would be going to the store and applying in person rather than asking for their contact info.



    GANative. It’s not just you. Ingenuity, it’s a good thing.



    Besides, the Forum rules for this section state that employers need to post their contact info. In part:

    “*NO “BLIND” ADS. Please include your business’s name, and a contact name/e-mail (and/or phone number) in the listing. Job-seekers need to be able to connect with you directly, not just post a reply for all the world to see.

    *ADDED 3/2/13: Reiterating, you must post your contact information. Job listings are not discussion topics – someone with questions needs to be able to contact you directly, off the site. If a listing does not include contact information, we will delete it.

    CLARIFICATION, AUGUST 2015: Posting a “listing” that consists of a link to a listing on another website does NOT qualify as “including contact information.” Please do not point people to other websites unless it’s your company’s own site and it has supplementary information beyond the basic listing. Listings here MUST include, in the text of the WSB listing, the basic info about the job, and your contact info. “

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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