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    Meanders is open again in the old kokurus grill location half a block north of the Morgan junction on California… I had breakfast there this morning.

    Miranda is back in the kitchen, she is happy and her food reflects it.

    I missed the soft opening last night when they unveiled the dinner menu but I got a look at it today and I am pretty sure it isn’t going to disappoint anyone who has already fallen in love with Miranda’s breakfasts.

    They are still waiting on their liquor license so the mimosa’s are on hold.. but the kitchen is open and i wouldn’t be surprised to find the dining room full.

    They were rapidly filling for lunch today when i left



    I just happened to be sitting across from JoB, at Meander’s, (funny how that works!) ;-) and it is so good to have Meander’s back!

    While we were perusing the menu, I started making some weird utterances that I can’t replicate here, as I don’t even recall what they were. Jo is chuckling and giving me a WTF? look, and I told her that a few months ago I didn’t think I’d ever get to enjoy one of Miranda’s spectacular breakfasts again, and even with the new location, didn’t know what all would be carried over from the previous menu. Seeing the Kimber’s Corned Beef Hash & Eggs (today’s choice), and Donald’s Country Fried Steak & Eggs (next time!) put me in that unexpected Zen trance and were the reasons for those utterances.

    As usual, it was delicious, and getting those bites of big chunks of juicy, flavorful corned beef were Heavenly.

    Welcome Back, Meander’s!





    now I’m excited…



    and worth every pound .. even if i did take half my breakfast home for the pups… ;-)



    When you need elbow room try this….. well maybe hehehehehe…….



    I was there for dinner today and it was very good. Breakfast served until 4 and then the dinner menu after 4. I used to go to dinner at the original location often, so was looking forward to it. The dinner menu is limited now, and I think they’ll be expanding it once they’ve been open a bit.



    I am glad Meanders has a new location, but very sad to lose the Greek restaurant. They had absolutely delicious food. Best lamb chops I’ve ever had. :-(

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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