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    There is now a large sign on both ends of Madison Middle School advising that the school grounds are now fully closed due to Covid19.

    However, I still saw 10-15 people on grounds with dogs, jogging, walking, etc… at 5:15 tonight.

    Is there a way to get the gate locked and entrances completely blocked?

    Would I call the school district to do this?


    Robert Ruvkun



    No, the grounds can’t be closed off. You could close off the direct access to the lower fields, and that might help, but there is no way of cutting off access from other points–for example from taking the stairs down from the southeast parking lot.



    I don’t understand the big hassle, we are still allowed to be walking, jogging and taking dogs out. The more places to do this that are closed, the more people will be crowding on the sidewalks. It seems like there would be more productive uses of time than to be complaining about little things like this.



    Let me just ask then: what is the point of putting up a sign advising that the school grounds are CLOSED. Why is Alki beach closed? Why is Lincoln Park closed?

    Do you understand the importance of NOT having places where large amounts of people can be in close proximity?

    Everyone NEEDS to understand that at this point.

    Of course keep walking, keep exercising, and of course take your dog out.

    This is not a little thing…if we continue to model that it is ok to use areas like Madison Middle school which are supposed to be closed off to reduce this public health emergency, then people will continue to get too close to each other, and spread this virus unknowingly. This is what is happening right now.

    Please stay off Madison Middle School grounds for now until the signs come down…



    Alki and Lincoln park and the rest are not closed. It’s been stated, explicitly, that the parks themselves are not closed, the parking lots for them are closed. The play structures are closed and the sports fields are closed.

    I appoint you, though, as the designated enforcer of the Rules. Please retun later and let us know how that went.

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