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    What’s it like walking along Alki these days?
    Benches open for sitting?
    People wearing masks?
    Current rules?



    We go through Alki at least once a day.
    The bench thing lasted less than a day. Benches are open.
    I’ve noticed more people not wearing face coverings than wearing them.
    As for rules – 8 pm closure is still in effect. Not sure yet how/if today’s news changes anything else. This remains the city’s newest list re: parks:

    Seattle Parks and Recreation amenities: What’s open and what’s closed?



    aa. I live on Alki. When I walk in the morning I would say maybe 25% wear masks. However it’s easy to maintain 6′ and most people are good about moving over. In the afternoon when I walk,from the bathhouse west maybe 10% wear masks but it’s been fairly easy to keep 6′ from somebody. Have noticed the park dept “minders” are NOT into their jobs. Lat week went by 2 of them walking side by side with their masks pulled down so they could talk with each other.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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