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    A lot of info has been shared on some of the other threads, but I thought I’d start a new one to gather up interesting resources/links related to the presidential election and/or candidates.

    I’ll start with this music video for Obama – it’s a little long (about 4 minutes), but quite moving!



    Related youtube links:


    You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but you will vote for someone else.

    Huckelberry has his admirers as well



    Local bloggers with national following.

    Jesus’ General


    Dave Neiwert, Orcinus



    A valentine from George W. McCain



    Gathering of information about Dem Superdelegates — started by Huffington Post, Maintained in wikipedia. Who are these people? What do they think? Why? Get a view, here:



    Curious about the political candidates supported by your neighbor or boss or father? It’s all public record, but this site makes it much easier to find who puts how much money where hir mouth is :-)



    A gathering for nearly all news articles related to politics..



    My favorite campaign video so far. If you were on the fence of whether or not to support Hillary, you won’t be after watching this.



    Ken and Jeffro those links were too funny! The McCain one almost had me in tears. Here’s one that though a bit old (see Guiliani reference, replace w/ McCain), kinda reminds me of how things get on here sometimes…



    This is so unfair!! Ken – any thoughts on why the sound is all of a sudden very, very low on my laptop?



    Look for a dial on the outside of the laptop. This might not be your problem but you have to check it to make sure it is not inadvertently set to low volume before any other troubleshooting can be useful. I sometimes forget it is there since I had to disable the buttons on the front to keep it from booting itself up in the case.

    Then try headphones and see if the volume is normal at the headphone jack.

    If both are low, roll the volume dial (on some it is on the cd/dvd door) back and forth and see if it crackles when the dial moves. If it is noisy, then moving it back and forth might clean the dial of the rheostat/ potentiometer that controls the volume. If it stays noisy but you detect some improvement, maybe a manual cleaning of the control would fix it or a squirt of electronic cleaner.

    If an mp3 on your drive plays fine but a dvd or cd has a low volume it might be either a software or hardware issue. Hard to tell without looking at it.

    Once you rule out hardware issues, then it is time to check the software settings.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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