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    Hi! I am looking for someone who would be willing to take my cat in while I am visiting friends and family in NY (12/11/17-1/9/18). I would love to take him with me but he just hates travel/moving/going out. He is a sweetheart. He is very affectionate and would seat on your lap/shoulder all day, he’s not a fan of picking up (but puts up with it;)) He is really low maintenance, never did his buisness outside the box and loveeees his food. He is very vocal. Comunicates with me and meows a lot when he doesn’t sleep, he sleeps like 90% of the time though. Also he doesn’t have claws – It wasn’t me who declawed him, it was his first owner (He is a rescue) but you don’t have to worry about scratching. He doesn’t mind other animals. I would provide all the important stuff(food, toys, litter boxes, litter) I also have an automatic feeder so he can eat in the morning while I’m still asleep:) I can offer $300. Thank you.



    Sat Alaska and 35th there is a cat hostel (hotel) don’t kn9w anything about them.




    I left my two cats overnight at the cat sitting hotel. I was impressed. A little expensive, I thought, but they seem to love and understand cats. Some of the cats were so at home, they were roaming around cageless. The cages are large. There’s a 24/7 web cam so you can check in on the cage at any time to see how your cat is doing.



    Thanks for the tip, unfortunately I can’t afford cat hotel, The price is out of way my range.



    Katie ,,,I can do this,,, Had to put my cat down two weeks before my birthday last year. Still have litter boxes, cat litter, toys, cat tree, as I may adopt later. You can e-mail me for my phone number at If I were a cat I wouldn’t want to go to New York either. Screen name says it all..

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    I just sent you an email, thanks!



    Hi Katie-

    Just wondering if you got this covered! If you’re still looking I could be available. Let me know! Thank you!



    Hello, my name Lisa Raimondi- ( a native New Yorker) I️ am a local dog walker and cat sitter. I️ am here during that time should you still need someone. Thank you,



    Hi! I am sorry but I am writing from a different account which I had to create because I locked myself from the old one. Anyway, I was trying to contact the person who was supposed to take care of my cat but he isn’t answering so I’d like to get in touch with you if that is possible?? You can write me an email to: and we can exchange phone numbers? Thank you!

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