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    Does anyone know if they’re permanently shut down? I didn’t see anything about it on their FB or anything…

    I mean, it was super expensive there so I only ever went for Trivia, but it’s weird that they’ve been so silent about it.




    That’s the one–I’d noticed it was dark and furniture-less, but I wasn’t sure if they were just pulling a West Seattle Brewing and randomly vanishing for a few months to do a massive remodel or if they were actually peacing out.

    Is that building just super cursed? This is the fourth restaurant in like 5ish years in that spot….



    Yes, they closed. We reported it in November after they’d been dark for several days – and they never have reopened.

    West Seattle food/drink: Pecos Pit BBQ update; Westside Public House goes dark

    They abruptly shut down without an announcement, before or after. Sometimes happens that way.


    Michael Waldo

    Not a cursed spot. A badly run business. Went once. I total dive, but not in a good way. Services and food was bad. We never went back.



    Thanks–for some reason I couldn’t find anything definitive when I searched. It was mostly out of curiosity, since I pass by it every day on my walk to and from the bus; I didn’t love the place (food was trying way too hard to be ‘fancy’ for pub food, and it was way WAY too expensive for being a la carte, especially when the beer selection was minimal and overpriced as well) but they had a really solid trivia host. I hope he keeps hosting in the area.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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