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    Our West Seattle neighborhood has a very dangerous unmarked intersection: where 49th Avenue SW crosses SW Graham Street. Accidents or near-misses occur there routinely.

    My son and I were involved in a rollover accident in 2015. Another serious accident occurred earlier this month. Fortunately, no one was serious hurt…this time.

    We are asking the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) to provide either a traffic circle or stop signs at this uncontrolled intersection. Many of us in the neighborhood have watched cars drive though this intersection not realizing it is uncontrolled. We feel it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or worse.

    Unfortunately, the SDOT does not have any data indicating this intersection is dangerous – with no reported collisions in the last three years. If you have experience or observations with this intersection being unsafe, please add your comment below.

    Thank you.

    Background: Driving East/West along Graham SW, every 4-way intersection between 50th Ave SW and 35th Ave SW (for 15 blocks) is controlled by stop signs, stop lights or traffic circles. Except 49th Ave SW /SW Graham. Driving East/West, along 49th Ave SW (for 11 blocks), every 4-way intersection from SW Morgan to SW Oregon is controlled. Except 49th Ave SW /SW Graham.

    Consequently, drivers travel on 49th Ave. SW and Graham SW with a false sense of confidence they will not encounter any cross traffic. Too many times they have been proven wrong with unfortunate consequences.

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    I agree the intersection is dangerous. I regularly witness drivers traveling at high speeds and not yielding.



    This is a very dangerous intersection. Drivers fly through without glancing left or right. Ive almost been hit several times.



    My experiences in this intersection counters those expressed above.
    As an avid cyclist who lives nearby, I pedal thru this uncontrolled intersection a couple times a week* on my way home. Just as I do dozens of other intersections throughout our wonderful west Seattle. (*~Daytime and nighttime)
    Maybe I’m just fortunate to always pass thru when there are no cars speeding by, but my experience (based on decades of pedaling all over west Seattle and the peninsula) is that this intersection is no different than most others.
    There are plenty of other intersections that are often much worse, and I avoid as much as possible, mainly those that are within 1 block of highly trafficked areas where vehicle back-ups are common, and people want to scurry around the traffic congestion.
    My intention is not to diminish your thoughts, rather to respond to your “Please comment” with my experiences, and with the hope that others also take a minute to share theirs.

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