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    I bought groceries at the AK Junction QFC today and paid with a Debit Card. I wanted to also get $20 cash back and a message came up that a 50 cent fee would be added. (!)
    I don’t use cash very often so its been a while, but has anyone else noticed this “fee” in West Seattle? Are there still “fee free” grocery stores in the area? Or is this just a QFC thing?



    I saw a discussion about this recently that the Burien Fred Meyer is doing the same thing.



    I don’t recall the source, but I read somewhere in the past few weeks that Kroger (QFC/FM parent co.) is now doing this. I think there is a withdrawal amount point that the fee starts, but don’t recall it offhand, and I think the fee goes up to $1.00 at some point.




    I didn’t have time to search for a source when I posted earlier, but here is a link from a few months ago explaining the fee.

    Please note that I “misspoke”, above, on the fee for higher cashback amounts. The article breaks down the fees as this:

    For amounts between $100 and $150, the fee will be $1.50. For $150.01 to $2,000 it will cost you $3.50. For amounts between $2,001 and $9,999 it will cost $6 to get your cash.




    Wow, that’s fairly new. I used to live a block away from QFC and used cash back all the time without fee. Good to know.



    My credit union debit card lets me withdraw fee-free at any credit union ATM (there are several of these in the Junction), as well as any 7-11 ATM. They also refund up to $6 in out-of-network ATM fees per month, so that would cover QFC I would think. Switching over to a new financial institution can be a bit of a hassle, but the benefits might be worth it.



    I noticed it the last time I was at the Junction QFC. Unfortunate, as it’s so easy to just go to another store that doesn’t have a fee.



    Why do people use debit cards when there are no protections?

    Use a credit card and get cash back at 3%….easy peasy.
    I charged everything using my credit card and gets$$$$$ back at the end of the year but please make sure you pay the full bill at the end of each month.
    I am the deadbeat.



    Some people aren’t eligible for credit cards.
    Some people aren’t eligible for cards with cash back.
    Some people prefer to avoid credit cards as a matter of financial discipline.
    Some people use debit cards to help small businesses avoid percentage-based card fees.
    Some people use debit cards to conveniently get cash, which is the point of this thread.

    BTW not many people seem to know that debit cards also have fraud protection by law, but it does require card owners to be more timely in reporting fraud than for credit. Some card issuers have additional fraud protection, for example Visa has 0% liability for debit cards except when processed by a third party.



    There are 3 things you get when you are born in the good old USA
    a phone #(since this will be your ID now)
    and a credit card.

    You are hiding from the taxman if you don’t have a bank account and every financial institutions would love to give you a credit card.

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