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    jwws – thank you for the links. I’ve contacted both groups to see what I can do to make the bench a permanent/approved fixture at the end of street.

    I do not want to see the bully win and destroy the community vibe we’ve got going on our street. Also, I’m the one that called the thief/smasher a bully. The destruction of the chairs was violent, scary, irrational and completely meant to intimidate.

    DBP – Again, we do not ask people to bring benches. As said many times before they just appear.



    Best of luck to all my neighbors on 49th!



    Still trying to play devil’s advocate here.

    Perhaps those so freely using the terms “bully” and “bullying” should examine the facts of their own behavior.

    The neighborhood has decided to gang up on one person because that individual does not agree with their collective illegal action (placing benches and chairs on public property). If anything, it’s the neighbors doing all this name calling who are the real bullies, engaged in a mob action against one person.

    I wonder if there is anyone on the block who has chosen to stay out of the fight? Perhaps the “pro bench” lobby is not as unanimous as is being portrayed here, but merely the most vociferous. It would also be interesting to know whose home the bench is closest to…

    Smashing up the chairs was not a great thing to do. They should have been reported as an illegal dump (which, technically, is what they are) and hauled away. However, taking the debris and dumping it on someone’s private property is ALSO hostile and passive-aggressive — not to mention ILLEGAL. Whoever did this could have been charged with an array of crimes.

    Perhaps some of you should tone down your self-righteous rhetoric before it’s used against you in court. So far, the only behavior mentioned here that might warrant a police complaint and/or legal action is that of the mob.



    I could agree with you anonyme, if lolo had put the benches or chairs at the viewpoint himself, but he doesn’t know who put them there…it could have been done by someone unaware of the conflict. In my opinion, smashing the chairs was a lot more than just “not a great thing to do”, I think it was scary.

    On another note, having just purchased two adorondack chairs recently, they are quite expensive and should provide enjoyment for many years if not sledge hammered to death.




    do i understand you right?

    bullying by bench?

    here.. let me bully you by placing a bench where you too can sit down and enjoy the view…

    it doesn’t quite do it for me

    but maybe i am just old fashioned.



    I am curious as to what the police had to say. Do they consider this a form of vandalism? If the bench-destroyer had spray painted it…it would be considered graffii which is considered vandalism no matter where it happens.



    I’m guessing an unruly neighbor nearby or drunk teenagers vandalized the bench.



    JoB, I’m just trying to present another point of view here.

    Someone could put a coffee cart outside my front gate and PRESUME that I’d be grateful because, heck, I can use it too. Not necessarily so, and that doesn’t negate the fact that the cart would still require City and neighborhood approval. And it would have been nice to ask me first…

    I reject the notion that whatever makes me and my posse feel all warm and fuzzy should be thrust on everyone else whether they like it or not, just because it make ME happy. It doesn’t sound like anyone in PB posse has given a moment’s thought to this neighbor’s thoughts, only their own.

    Keep in mind that we’ve never heard the side of the neighbor being vilified here. If his house is the closest to the bench, he has a right to be heard as he would be most affected by the extra traffic. There is nothing in any of these posts to suggest that anyone ever asked his opinion before placing the bench (though his opinion has long been clear), yet some have suggested that HE (or she) should have polled the entire neighborhood to ask permission before removing the offending items (they were removed several times before destruction).

    Not only is this the height of hypocrisy, but it occurs to me that it is indeed “bullying by bench”. This issue has been going on for a long time. The ‘pro-bench’ faction is not only fully aware of this individual’s opinion of the bench, but of the fact that it is illegal to place it there. Yet they (and clearly it’s not some out of state stranger doing it) keep placing furniture at that spot over and over again.

    Jiggers makes another good point. While it’s more likely than not that the horrible, frightening, terrorist neighbor smashed the chairs(what are his other crimes, btw? Too quiet?) nobody knows that for sure.




    what increased traffic?

    this is a pedestrian right of way.

    those with limber bodies can always hang out on the steps…

    which they did before the bench was installed

    “”We had kids that used to hang out on the steps at the dead end. Since the bench has been there, 2 years now, there hasn’t been that problem, might be coincidence, might not”



    Uh, maybe those particular kids moved or…grew up?

    A bench is much more likely to encourage lingering than a step, and kids will hang out on either one. It’s kind of like having a bus stop in front of your house, only without the bus.




    Yeah me

    My wife called the non emergency number and had a discussion with an officer there who determined that a report should be filed. The officer said that if we observed any behavior like that we should call 911 immediately.

    They are pretty good about not offering opinions on stuff like this so that is pretty much all there is.


    You make it sound like there is a group with torches standing outside the neighbor’s house. It is far from that. We are all just trying to live together. These folks don’t like the bench there because people tend to linger, maybe even gather at times, at the overlook. These are their words, “We don’t want to create a park here.”

    It appears to me that they just don’t have much faith in people’s good nature. Clearly my opinion.

    I’m sure they just want to be left alone. But we live in a city and unless you surround yourself with a big fence it’s difficult to isolate yourself because every time you look out the window there they are, THE PEOPLE!

    We have persued all the options mentioned earlier stopping short of the legal because, really, it’s not that important. At some point we have to just try to get along. That is why I never replaced the bench I put out there in the first place…because I talked with them.

    I posted about this because, while I think they have the right to their opinion, I also think it’s pretty outrageous how they have gone about expressing it. I’m just witnessing and it appears that people tend to agree with me. That’s probably where the bench and chairs have come from, people who like the overlook, not space aliens.

    I admit to feeling pretty thrilled when that bench showed up. Mostly because I didn’t put it there. I’d love to have this whole thing resolved but at this point I’m just concerned about what will happen next.

    My wife, the adult in the family, says that with all the difficulties we are having between a few neighbors revolving around this silly overlook on our little dead end, it’s no surprize there are so many countries that can’t get along.




    i know you are trying to make a point…

    but again…

    the OP states that the kids stopped hanging out on those steps about the same time a bench encouraged adults to linger there.

    maybe there is no connection at all

    but it sure makes sense to me…

    kids seldom choose to hang where it is easy for adults to oversee their activities…


    that the homeowner is the one most affected by people sitting on that bench

    in spite of the OP citing evidence of their cars in the vicinity when the chairs were destroyed


    that the neighbor is not responsible for the serial destruction of benches and chairs…

    but the other neighbors are responsible for placing the benches in spite of their public avowal that they are not…


    I buy the OPs premise and you don’t

    that could be a simple matter of perspective


    more important to me is how you are defining bullying…

    You have extended a single homeowner’s property rights to the public land at the end of his cul-de-sac

    and labeled it bullying of his neighbors to reject that right.

    do you really believe that a single homeowner should be able to make decisions on the use of mutually accessible public land whether the majority of homeowners are in agreement or not?

    probably not.

    I don’t know any of these homeowners…

    but i can tell you that on principle

    i am categorically for anyone who provides a bench..

    pretty much anywhere.

    and am more than willing to chip in for that rock.

    So.. how much is a rock these days?



    Logic and Reason have left the room, and I along with them.





    logic and reason have left the room?

    you tickle me


    2 Much Whine

    Logic and Reason have left the room to search for Elvis (he left too). Hopefully Logic and Reason do not get tired in their search for Elvis as the bench that was provided by space aliens (that would allow them to rest and soak up a beautiful view) is no longer available as well. Poor Logic and Reason – now that they are gone perhaps they will be replaced by Kindness and Generosity. Oh wait, Kindness and Generosity are “bullies,” perhaps they’ll be replaced by Mayhem – that guy from the insurance ads.



    Ok..so the coffee cart is not likely…but what if I park my car in a place that a neighbor perceives to be too close to “their” property? Does that give them a right to go out and smash my car to smithereens with a hammer? I think not.

    What is the difference between the city owned street and the city owned walking path?




    Well…if your car was attacting people around it/a gathering place for people enjoying the “car view” it just might! You know I kid you – just being a Snarky Badger!


    TooMuchWhine – LOL


    Lolo and neighbors – still hoping for a peaceful resolution – I think the majority of posters here feel your pain and appreciate the neighborly efforts to allow the few who do visit your neck of the woods a lovely place to rest and enjoy the view.



    After reading earlier post from Lolo and living relatively close to this area, I decided to visit the 49th spot for the first time. Much to my surprise that afternoon, I saw that the adirondack chairs had replaced the missing bench. This made me smile :) It was shocking to access WSB the next day and to see the photo of vandalism that had occurred there presumably overnight.

    I can understand not wanting a bench if it was attracting garbage or troublesome individuals..but it does not sound like this is the case here. One thing I did notice is the dead-end street situation. I had to use someone’s driveway to turn around. Perhaps the neighbor is worried about too many cars parking on the street. In reality though…most people walk to the look-outs.

    Having a neurological condition, I welcome the benches..the more the merrier. It is wonderful to take a walk knowing that you can rest at certain benches along the way. Anyone remember a neat driftwood bench mid-way up Spokane Street? Thank goodness for that one! I’m no longer able to climb that hill anymore. The bench sadly deteriorated and was never replaced.



    sometimes a bench is just a nice place to sit



    We are the 99%. We are the overwhelming majority of neighbors. We may not have homes with great views, but we pay our taxes and are responsible citizens who keep our yards tidy, our kids from running rampant, our garbage cans off the street and we love to look out over our cherished mountain and sound from public spaces, the spaces that we all own.

    We are the 99%. While our messages are as varied as our numbers, our sentiment remains clear–we appreciate a nice bench in a public space that all can share.

    We are the 99%. We are so grateful for kind and generous neighbors who have provided benches or chairs, so that anyone can enjoy the view, have a moment to rest or a place to relax, or to meet other neighbors doing the same.

    We are the 99%, not a mob. Sometimes we’re just tired and want to sit down. Pretty often, really.

    We are the 99%. Let’s tear down the barriers that separate us from the 1%, not tear down our benches.

    We are the 99%. We love our public space benches but respect those who don’t. On this our message is equally clear: if you don’t like a bench, don’t sit on it.


    . . . or, at least occasionally, have a seat there and enjoy this most beautiful of public spaces.




    well put :)



    Someone was asking how much the rock would cost…I had no idea so I looked.

    Search Craigslist for basalt, its most of the way down the list.

    Too funny that there is a posting for this.





    kind of like two buck chuck..

    only probably not big enough for a bench:(



    Spring is in the air and some of us older folks hearts turn to finding a nice place to sit and take a load off. Anyone out there interested in donating a nice bench or, perhaps better, a 2- to 3-person size rock for sitting?

    And note that a (unfriendly) neighbor has put up surveillance cameras over the area, so presume that there are plenty of eyes about.

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