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    70,000 died from overdose in usa 2019
    Did we shut down the county for that? NO.
    We did very little.
    2/3 of those deaths were from synthetics opiates from china.
    Is this not a epidemic.
    (there are so many other disease that hurt us, I am limiting this discussion to the above only)



    It’s obvious to most people that opiate addiction is not spread through respiration, so things like quarantines and social distancing are not appropriate strategies for opiate addiction. Did you have another suggestion?



    I did not start this topic to compare the logistics of the two epidemics.
    The drug epidemic has been growing for years and little is done because too many people or our lawmakers don’t care enough about the downtrodden.
    Stick to the subject.



    Or…what? You’ll stamp your foot and complain? You don’t get to dictate what others do or say, something that you’ve forgotten before.

    Given your posting history of paranoid raving histrionics you should cut others some slack. In this particular case because the ongoing and politically ancient drug crisis is not first and foremost on anyone’s mind…except yours, of course.


    Michael Waldo

    But you are comparing the two. I just read your post. A lot has been done to fight the opiates crisis. Not enough but things are progressing. Opiates addiction is not spread through social contact. The virus is.



    I am trying to compare the money spent on the covid-19 epidemic vs the money spent on the war on drugs.
    Before I say anything else, I would like to look at the 2019 flu season.
    stats show that we were already having a very bad flu season with higher then average morality rate. Flu kills thousands every year, maybe it has morphed into a super bug.
    Read what the World Health Organization states.
    It was going to happen regardless of what we did, its the nature of the beast,
    So spending 4 trillion dollars at it is like spitting into the wind,
    We could have some measures like separation, washing our hands, testing.

    So what about the drug problem, more die from that, but little is done, most addicts can still buy a fix, but they cant buy a mask,
    There are other diseases too but I am only comparing the two,
    do you agree?



    I really don’t really care about the Opiod because I don’t smoke or drink but for this virus S*H*&, I can’t control others invading my space . I even blow touch the air around me to burn the virus…so my 100 feet perimeter of me is clean organic oxygen..virus-free

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