Solar eclipse viewing with Alice Enevoldsen

October 14, 2023 @ 8:00 am – 10:00 am
Westcrest Park

Saturday, October 14, 2023–8 am-10:30 am – Maximum (80%) at 9:20 am
(don’t @ me if I’m a few minutes late, 8 am on a Saturday is a lot)

North end of Westcrest Park. 9000 8th Ave. SW

I’ll bring whatever glasses I have left, help you be sure you’re viewing safely (as long as you ask me!), and I’ll bring indirect viewers.

What if it is cloudy or raining??? Great question. Phenomenal question. Welcome to astronomy in Seattle, where “through the clouds” is our tagline.

Thunder: cancelled

Heavy rain/clouds: if it is the kind of weather than might clear up, I am likely to go anyway and wait it out. If it is going to stay socked in, I may cancel and drive over Snoqualmie Pass. If there is another location in Seattle where it is clearer, we may move locations. I’ll post movements on all the social media and be sure West Seattle Blog knows. I watched the transit of Venus through a filtered telescope over which we were holding an umbrella. An. Umbrella.

Light clouds: oh yeah, we’re doing this. Our lighter clouds move around a lot, and the Sun shines through them.

REMEMBER: It is NOT safe to view the eclipse through the clouds without other protection. You still need eclipse glasses or indirect methods, even though indirect methods are less likely to work when cloudy.

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