ELECTION 2024: New ballot dropbox in West Seattle

Thanks to Conrad Cipoletti, vice president of the Morgan Community Association, for the tip! For the first time in four years, West Seattle has a new King County Elections ballot dropbox – the fourth one on the peninsula, after High Point Library, The Junction, and South Seattle College (WSB sponsor). This one has popped up on the sidewalk in front of the north end of Morgan Junction Park, in the 6400 block of California SW. We have an inquiry out to KC Elections; next election will be the August 6 primary. (And you’ll be able to see the new ballot box up close and personal during the Morgan Junction. Community Festival, which MoCA is presenting in and around the park 10 am-2 pm Saturday, June 15.)

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  • CeeBee May 22, 2024 (3:50 pm)

    So who installed the box right on top of the art installation the City paid for and put in?https://sdotblog.seattle.gov/2009/07/27/sidewalks-diy-art-at-morgan-junction/

    • WSB May 22, 2024 (4:23 pm)

      Sorry, I didn’t look down when I ran down the hill looking for signage. Still haven’t heard back from KCE; both of their media people are apparently out of the office today, but I’ll add that to the inquiry.

  • 937 May 22, 2024 (5:53 pm)

    Looks like a pallet jack or forklift can just pluck this thing up an “relocate” it.

    Seems “secure”

    • Danimal May 22, 2024 (6:14 pm)

      LOL. You just don’t like it because you don’t want people to have easy access to voting, per your Orange “Leader” and his cronies. There was no significant voter fraud, get over it.

    • Googleismyfriend May 22, 2024 (8:13 pm)

      I “think” they might take some measures … https://crosscut.com/politics/2020/08/security-and-ballot-drop-boxes-how-it-works-wa

      • 937 May 22, 2024 (11:32 pm)

        Not saying anyone WOULD….Saying anyone COULD – reading comprehension, my friend – it matters…

    • Reed May 22, 2024 (8:24 pm)

      You stop the steal drones needed to move on, disproven so many times at this point.

      • 937 May 22, 2024 (11:29 pm)

        I see stealing every day and I would LOVE to stop it… Maybe these insane LP costs would go down….

        Saw a dude lift a 1/2 rack of Heinies just the other day!

        • Mellow Kitty May 23, 2024 (9:10 am)

          @937. A half-rack of beer is hardly a ballot drop-box. You can’t exactly stuff it under your jacket and run. Your comparison is invalid. 

    • miws May 23, 2024 (8:06 am)

      937, Sounds like you better stake out the box and make sure it doesn’t happen! Also, make sure nobody is dropping additional ballots for family/friends (that’s an indication of that one person multiple voting!), or. most horrendous of all, during the most recent election child one of the local TV stations was showing a young child dropping a ballot in a box! A little kid voting! —Mike 

    • Arbor Heights Resident May 24, 2024 (11:26 am)

      Has this ever happened before or is this just a hypothetical scenario you made up?

  • Mike T May 22, 2024 (7:37 pm)

    Beverage Place and Ballots *chefs kiss*

  • Scott May 23, 2024 (9:23 am)

    I can’t wait for the traffic on that day in that area. I will make sure to try and avoid it like the plague. The traffic at 35th on the drop off day is just the best. I sure do miss the days of in person voting. 

    • Daniel May 24, 2024 (12:21 am)

      The last time I voted in person I stood in line for two hours.  WA’s mail in voting, with paid postage, is a freaking godsend by comparison.

  • Vanessa May 23, 2024 (12:57 pm)

    Let’s STUFF the boxes and there’s more than one box to drop your ballot.The Post Office still takes mail the last time I looked.  VOTE EARLY. VOTE and tell your friends to vote. Please no haters talking about the constituants.  We get it. You’re most likely Blue or Red. Fine.Let your vote be your voice.

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