UPDATE: Crash near Admiral Way Bridge

12:27 AM: Big emergency response near the Admiral Way Bridge for a car crash. It was initially dispatched as a “rescue extrication” but responders then reported finding no one in or near the car – so far.

12:32 AM: The location of the crash is logged as 39th/Admiral but one crew has told dispatch they’re actually on Fairmount, so we’re not clear whether they’re on or below the bridge. Dispatch has checked the plate of the crashed Acura and told police it’s “clear and current” to someone in the Pierce County town of Milton.

12:48 AM: Per commenter RS, “The crash is just south of the Admiral bridge on Fairmount. Car is on its side on the east side of the road. You can see it from the Admiral bridge.” Responders searched all around but didn’t find anyone, so SFD has closed out its part of the call.

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  • RS January 1, 2024 (12:46 am)

    The crash is just south of the Admiral bridge on Fairmount. Car is on its side on the east side of the road. You can see it from the Admiral bridge.

    • WSB January 1, 2024 (12:48 am)

      Thank you.

  • Admiral Neighbor January 1, 2024 (1:39 am)

    I just came from a rooftop view house gathering in the Fairmount ravine. There was a significant backup of cars trying to reach Alki before midnight (every year!) and one of the cars that u-turned and left made a big show of speeding up the hill. We wonder if it was that car.

    • YoSoyTambien January 1, 2024 (2:24 am)

      I too came from a rooftop party in the area.  I bet the driver was drunk and ran outta there.  SUS. 

  • CarDriver January 1, 2024 (6:46 am)

    Running away means two things. Either a thief in a stolen car-ruled out (so far) or an impaired driver that’s hoping to avoid a dui.

    • WSB January 1, 2024 (9:14 pm)

      Stolen car was only “ruled out” in the initial check (“clear and current”) – could have been an “unreported stolen” but I won’t be able to ask until SPD media is back to regular office hours tomorrow. On my list.

  • Another Admiral Neighbor January 1, 2024 (8:17 am)

    I was told that a car went over the overpass and that’s why there were cars at the end of 39th and Admiral and also down on Fairmont. Did we get any more details? I live on 39th and near Fairmont and saw firetrucks go down the street with all their spotlights on multiple times.

    • WSB January 1, 2024 (11:25 am)

      They stopped searching and declared they hadn’t found anyone. Whether the car indeed turned out to be stolen, couldn’t tell from radio traffic, which was very busy with other incidents elsewhere, so I will be inquiring tomorrow. Meantime, on our way back from Alki Polar Bear Swim, we drove the bridge above and below (on Fairmount), couldn’t see any obvious sign of something going “over” it …

    • Admiral Neighbor January 1, 2024 (12:02 pm)

      My son and his friends were on the bridge and heard the crash below them, no car went over the bridge. One of his friends called 911.

  • Centered January 1, 2024 (9:50 am)

    I have no idea what you mean by the term went over the overpass.  Could you be specific?

  • 22blades January 1, 2024 (9:56 am)

    I’ve made more than a couple calls to 911 on Fairmont. They seem to have a real difficult time locating incidents on the road. Don’t know if it’s their map graphic interface but always a 2 minute explanation & a Keystone Cops response.

  • Shirley January 1, 2024 (2:04 pm)

    It’s Fairmount … not Fairmont.  If that’s a typo then fine but if you call 911 & say Fairmont they will surely be confused, Shirley. 

    And btw, stop speeding down Fairmount … we have no sidewalks, few lights at night, many potholes … 20mph is listed.  You’d be PISSED if I drove 35 past your house.

    • CarDriver January 1, 2024 (3:50 pm)

      Shirley. You, or a family member probably drive by someone’s house at 35 every day………..  

    • 22blades January 1, 2024 (8:03 pm)

      So Shirley, First; the dispatcher gets it. They hunt around for a cross street with Admiral Way which will never happen. Second; I’m pretty adamant about driving 20 there. Third; If you want to rant on people that are trying to help people in need so can see yourself in a post, maybe you should try a mirror. If you still don’t get it, I can’t help you.

  • Roddy3 January 1, 2024 (6:46 pm)

    First car-on-side of the year!

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