BIZNOTE FOLLOWUP: Checking back with the now-former UPS Store

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The signage is now covered at what was The UPS Store in Jefferson Square. In case you missed it, The UPS Store, Inc. told us Wednesday that the store no longer was affiliated with the corporation, and that’s why the corporate website labeled it “permanently closed.” The business remains open, however, just not as a UPS Store. We went back this morning and talked to a manager who said that they’re not sure what’s going to happen with the business next, but here’s what’s happening now: They plan to be open 9 am-4 pm daily. If you get mail there, that’s still accessible. Same with package deliveries. But in terms of outgoing packages, all they can accept are pre-labeled returns. Meantime, we’re trying to reach the owners to see if we can find out more about the business’s future.

SIDE NOTE: After hearing from a concerned customer of the now-ex-UPS Store, Bree at Alki Mail & Dispatch sent us a note with an offer for anyone else with concerns: “If they are able to have their packages redirected to us here at Alki Mail (4701 SW Admiral Way), we would be happy to hold them and keep them safe. We usually charge a $4 holding fee for non-mailbox customers, however, in light of the situation, for anyone coming from the UPS store, we will be happy to provide this service to them for free for the time being. We also have mailboxes available for rent for those in need and we can also accept pre-labeled packages across all the carriers but unfortunately, we cannot accept any QR code returns. I’m here for my community and want to do whatever I can to help!” (Any other local providers of similar services with similar offers are welcome to contact us too. Readers had several suggestions in the comments on our previous story.)

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  • Anita WS October 27, 2023 (12:53 pm)

    Thank you, Alki Mail & Dispatch for being a great neighbor and community member! Not many businesses these days would step in to help like this. 

  • Brayton October 27, 2023 (1:35 pm)

    That was such a perfect UPS location for me, complete with QR code label printing. I know there are mailing business in Admiral and Morgan, but it’s considerably further when you’re on foot. (Tried the Morgan place once and it was very expensive.) Time to investigate WFH shipping plan B. I feel for the staff who may be losing their jobs. I can only imagine what happened to cause UPS to cut ties. 

  • Juantia October 27, 2023 (2:19 pm)

    This is so sad to here.  With Staples leaving Westwood, I believe that’s another location that could do UPS.  Thanks to Alki Mail & Dispatch for stepping in to fill the gap and help the community.

    • Brian October 28, 2023 (10:08 am)

      Mailbox West in Morgan Junction is also an option. 

  • Shane October 27, 2023 (2:26 pm)

    UPS BD employee here. See article on UPS’ announcement yesterday of acquiring Happy Returnsto be finalized in Q4 this year. This location might be a Returns only location, allowing for no box, no label returns from a large number of your regularly purchased consumer food stores and eComm shippers.

    • Mande Whitaker October 31, 2023 (10:37 am)

      I appreciate the info about a new store but what I would like as a long time UPS customer and box holder is for UPS to get it together and reinstate this franchise location. They are always busy and have wonderful customer service. They are so conveniently located and a one stop shop. We need this location. I am hoping other customers will reach out to UPS Corp and let them know we as a community want this store to remain open. 

  • Cid October 27, 2023 (3:58 pm)

    Darn! This was perfect for returns, shipping and running copies. Now what? 

  • Pam October 27, 2023 (6:38 pm)

    Something about this makes me really sad. The employees there are so hardworking and helpful, I hope that they will be kept in the loop, and hopefully kept on in whatever form this all plays out. It seems so weird that everything is vague about the future of the store. I imagine that’s very stressful. 

    • S October 27, 2023 (8:03 pm)

      I agree with Pam. The people who work at this store are really great and a pleasure to see. I’ve always appreciated how well they  manage all of their customer’s needs while being calm ,cool collected and friendly… even with a line out the door! Wishing the best for them.

  • Eileen October 27, 2023 (7:59 pm)

    I’m also sad about losing this location and the staff that worked there. They made shipping very easy, we’re kind, and very helpful. This was a great resource to use at the junction.

  • Bob October 27, 2023 (8:32 pm)

    Well, just turn it into a FedEx place?

  • star 55 October 27, 2023 (10:12 pm)

    So sad. I love the employees there. Always happy and cheerful.

  • Keri October 27, 2023 (11:11 pm)

    Here for the employees as well- always kind, thoughtful and patient. I avoid Jefferson Square at all costs…(worst parking lot situation possible) unless it’s the UPS Store. They’ve helped me navigate lost Amazon returns, (savvy young employees that point out the depths of your Amazon account), ask how you are… bring in a dilapidated package with confusing return instructions- no problem, line out the door, Christmas/ Christmas returns burnt out parents and kids— also no problem – every time I’m in there people (in the long line) are civil and decent because they know they are treated kindly and service is quick. I see a line, no problem- my only stress is the parking lot, not the business — it all comes down to the employees – it’s so much more than a place to take your packages. I sincerely hope this business, with its current employees, materializes somewhere else in West Seattle – because we truly need it — along with Bree and Alki Mail and Dispatch- I live a block from them and feel exactly the same way about them- lovely people who treat their community well as you can see with their offer to pick up the slack in this situation   

  • Juan October 28, 2023 (12:19 pm)

    I’ll second the comments about employees being top notch. If you own a retail business and are looking for people people, the employees here who might (or might not) be looking for work would be good finds.

  • Pelicans October 29, 2023 (3:28 am)

    Agree with all, Donald and staff have always been super patient and helpful over the years.  I truly hope the business continues in some form.On another note, does anyone know if they still pack items for shipping, even if I will ship from somewhere else?

  • Sillygoose October 29, 2023 (2:58 pm)

    Just in front of UPS Store closed empty thank you community signs taped to inside of window. Out of Business

  • bolo October 30, 2023 (11:28 am)

    Will be interesting to find out why it closed.

  • Bmc October 30, 2023 (8:22 pm)

    Yeah big bummer and sad for the employees many whom have been there a long time and are very helpful. I will miss the copy machines and convenient access to Bartells and Safeway….

  • Adam October 31, 2023 (8:52 pm)

    I rent a mailbox there. I went yesterday at lunch and the business was open, though their computers were not working. I was able to pick up my packages.The manager said their plan is to be open 9am-4pm weekdays for a few weeks at least. I have packages in transit and if that remains true, I may be able to pick them up when they arrive.I asked what had happened, and the manager said that UPS terminated their franchise contract without warning. But she didn’t know why. She said the owner is looking at options for keeping the business open, but she didn’t share what those were.

    • anne November 9, 2023 (12:20 pm)

      So, will you be opening a mailbox elsewhere, or are you keeping things as they are? I, too, have a mailbox there (just opened one, for 12 months, and it is intended to by my primary mailing address), and am wondering if I should be proactive and make changes, or wait and see how things play out

  • Resident November 1, 2023 (9:32 am)

    So was the rent recently jacked up just like everywhere else?  They’re trying to turn West Seattle into Bellevue.  👎🏻

  • J November 5, 2023 (5:36 pm)

    If we are lucky, the location will be turned into  mailing center like the one at Morgan Junction and on Admiral. In the past few years I’ve seen two nearby (Admiral) mailing stores close. Considering how much online commerce is happening these days, this is baffling. I suspect, but have no proof, that UPS, FedEX, and Amazon Prime have made these business no longer profitable. Keep in mind that the Post Office is still open…..for now.

  • Deidre November 13, 2023 (2:50 pm)

    I have a mailbox at this UPS Store and this is very unfortunate.I checked with other mailbox places before I chose this UPS store. Other mailbox locations have much cheaper mailboxes, but I chose to pay more because of the additional UPS services. I just called this ex UPS Store today to find out if they’re going to be reducing their prices for the mailboxes to be more like Mailbox West since they aren’t offering any Services anymore. The guy I spoke with acted like I was calling him at home to ask him these questions like I had no right to be calling him there. I had to explain to him that I’m a customer calling a business.He transferred me to someone else who also didn’t know the answer but she told me the mailbox prices are separate from the UPS store and have nothing to do with it. I had to explain to her that they have everything to do with it. I was willing to pay extra for convenience, but now it’s not convenient anymore. I have to go Normandy Park to get UPS services like Amazon returns and such. But I’m still paying the higher price for the mailbox with no services.I think they know more than they are letting on and it’s bizarre that they haven’t sent a letter out to their customers or explained anything at all. They act like they can’t get in touch with the owner. Yeah right. All these months have gone by and they just haven’t had any contact with the owner? I’m guessing the owner didn’t pay their franchise fees and got shut down because of that. Otherwise, why would UPS shut down one of their stores and take away the franchise from the owners? I didn’t love the customer service at this store. Some of the employees were fine, but several of the boys seemed to be inconvenienced by having to do their job like the phone conversation I had today.

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