STILL MISSING: Sunday search for Jim Price

86-year-old Jim Price of Pigeon Point is still missing, for a sixth day. A family member has just posted a comment that there was a possible sighting at Lowman Beach Park [map] and anyone who’s available should go to that area and help look, right now.

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  • Craig September 24, 2023 (2:37 pm)

    I just got back from Lowman Beach Park and did not see him there. I walked the shoreline and street parking area. I also looked on Beach Drive, from Loweman Park to Emma Schmitz Park and did not see him.  I did see a local man in a yellow jacket out walking with his dog, who could have been mistaken for Jim but was certainly not Jim as per a face to face check. 

  • Derrick September 24, 2023 (4:13 pm)

    Are there any trained dogs who can help in situations like this? I am sure the authorities would know – just curious. 

    • Joan September 24, 2023 (5:04 pm)

      I was thinking the same thing. Surely there must be search dogs they can use.  It’s amazing that after 6 days no one has found him.

      • WSB September 24, 2023 (5:13 pm)

        This has been discussed in previous threads – here’s one answer

        • ARPigeonPoint September 24, 2023 (5:22 pm)

          I hate the response from the authorities on this. Maybe the news needs to shame them into actually helping. 

          • Jethro Marx September 25, 2023 (2:39 pm)

            I hate that you think SAR professionals and volunteers with actual knowledge and experience in the work ought to be “shamed” into doing what internet yahoos think is best.  It’s also sad that you hope alleged journalists will take action to shame people in order to push an agenda.  I may be old-fashioned, but back when I was a kid, we expected professional journalists to report news objectively, and sometimes offer analysis or commentary, rather than try to go viral in order to make news.  Of course, I’m thinking of professionals; maybe you’re thinking of tikTok or YouTube types, what?

  • West seattlite September 24, 2023 (6:25 pm)

    I also looked around lowman beach park and went in to the water treatment area and looked around the area with bushes. I drive beach drive m-f and will keep an eye out for him. I also walk the area almost daily and will continue to look. If anyone out there walks the green belts, please look for him. He may not ask for help, but please call 911 if you think you have spotted him. My husband met Jim’s wife at Alki today and my heart goes out to her! I am not one to pray very much, but I am saying a prayer for her and Jim. She was holding a royal blue hood to a jacket that he may be wearing. I am so sorry for the family of Jim that you are having to endure this. I will continue to look especially if there are more possible sightings. 

  • West Seattle Search September 24, 2023 (6:45 pm)

    I just walk down and up Fairmount ST behind Hiawatha. Look down the hillside to see if any evidence of someone fallen or walk down. Nothing came up. I look at Fairmount park in forestry area nothing to. Hope soon he found. It gonna be raining next days. I wondering where all place people looked through.Im meant stay up a little late tonight and drive around west Seattle to see if I can find him. People should look in their backyard mostly if live near forestry area,look in their sheds/garages. Even if they lock them up he could went in when no one looking. Trying think where else places meant be unlock 24/7. 

  • OffHudson September 24, 2023 (6:58 pm)

    Could he possibly have accessed a vacant property? I’m thinking of the old graffiti covered building off Avalon, for example.  The one that sits back off the road with the fence around it.  I have no idea how accessible it is or how they would get permission to search it.  I think there’s a couple others close to Pigeon Point. Probably a long shot,  but hadn’t heard (or missed) that mentioned yet. 

  • Paula Bamburg September 24, 2023 (10:20 pm)

    I want to know how to get search and rescue dogs involved in the search for Jim. Why hasn’t this been done? Very frustrating. There is certainly plenty of clothing items that can be used for scent. Also, if he was seen at Lowman Beach, has anyone searched south into Lincoln Park? 

    • WS Res September 25, 2023 (8:09 am)

      I reached out to a friend who works with SAR as a tracker and medic to see if they had any thoughts about how to get tracking help involved.

      • K. Lusignan September 26, 2023 (2:08 pm)

        Any response yet?

        • WS Res September 27, 2023 (8:19 pm)

          Without any clarity about his path or departure from pavement, there’s little SAR can do.

  • Karen B September 24, 2023 (11:58 pm)

    This situation gets more worrisome, frustrating, and sad as the weather changes for the worse and the number of days he’s been missing increases.Couple of my thoughts. Even if the professional SAR dogs can’t be used in this situation (which just seems wrong), could the message be put out to dog owners from other communities or others here who may be amateurs but have taught their dogs to look for people or other things? When I had dogs of my own, I taught them to follow scents – and they would track and look for things for hours. Why can’t some non-professional tracking dogs be given the scent and taken to the places where people think they saw him? Not doing something like this seems like such a lost opportunity.Since it sounds like he might be mobile via transit, rechecking places that have already been checked is a really good idea.  Someone posted earlier this evening in another thread that he may have been seen at the Roxbury Safeway. Hopefully he is found safe and very soon! I am looking for him when I venture out which is mostly in the Fairmount Park neighborhood.

  • Chris September 25, 2023 (9:49 am)

    We saw a person standing back or leaning along PCC wall where bus stop is (West Seattle).   This was last week.   The person looked like this gentleman, except person had a black poncho type deal on with hood over the head.   Three high school male students, perhaps seniors,  were crossing the street as we waited for the stop light.   We do know they noticed the person.   We have no idea if  in fact this was him.    This has been on our mind so thought better share just in case.   If waiting for bus, would have been going south at this bus stop across from high school & by PCC.   Sorry we do not know exact date.   Kids were on lunch break is all we recall.

  • Grace September 26, 2023 (1:10 am)

    Please tell me the police are involved? 

  • Matt Whetham September 27, 2023 (6:46 pm)

    This is very terrifying to think about very troubling! I checked lowman beach and part of Lincoln park last night at the westerly beach with night vision. Im off the next couple days that will be better searching.  My prayers to the family!!!  Anyone have a drone?

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