UPDATE: Another power outage in The Arroyos

7:47 AM: Thanks for the tip, For the second time in three days, more than 100 customers in The Arroyos have lost power. This one, like the previous one, is affecting 109 customers, according to the City Light map.

3:07 PM: We asked SCL spokesperson Julie Moore about the outages. Her reply:

The cause of these outages is equipment failure, a fault in the underground direct buried cable, though not in the same locations. As you know, with direct buried cable, it can take longer to locate the issue than with overhead, which prolongs the outage. With the current outage, crews have located the fault and are working on repairs. …

This is the system in the Arroyo neighborhood where we have an ongoing project to replace the aging direct buried cable with an underground conduit system, which will improve reliability. Once conduit installation is complete, estimated in the second quarter of 2021, electrical crews will install the new underground cables. This work will take up to six months to complete and may require planned outages; City Light will notify customers in advance.

Given these recent outages, we’re planning to send a message to those who’ve signed up to receive project updates by email this afternoon.

That’s just been sent. And Moore also noted that, as happened in the previous outage, almost half the customers have their power back.

ADDED: In comments, Stacy says power was restored around 5:30 pm.

9 Replies to "UPDATE: Another power outage in The Arroyos"

  • Jeff B March 22, 2021 (7:53 am)

    We heard a large explosion outside around 7:30.   We’re near 107th & 39th

  • heyarroyos March 22, 2021 (8:29 am)

    I saw a flash and heard a very loud boom earlier this morning in Arbor Heights around 7:30 this morning. Could have been a transformer blowing…or fireworks? Either way it scared the crap out of me.

  • Arroyo Resident March 22, 2021 (10:30 am)

    Spoke with the SCL employees milling around 109th and 39th around 10:20 am. They are still trying to locate the failed equipment. No idea yet as to what failed or where. I can also corroborate the loud boom at 07:30 am- it woke me up. I wouldn’t put any credence in ETAs on the SCL outage web site. 

  • WSB March 22, 2021 (11:06 am)

    Thanks for the updates. I was already planning to follow up with SCL today about the Friday/Saturday outage; my inquiry now includes today’s rerun. – TR

  • Jeff B March 22, 2021 (12:59 pm)

    On Saturday afternoon I was out walking the dog.  There were several SCL contractor trucks (I can’t remember the Contractor’s name) with “Authorized Seattle City Light Contractor” on their truck on SW 109th St .  They had been accessing the large underground vault at SW 109th & 39Th Ave SW (coned off and bolts were out).   This vault was in place prior to the recent underground wiring replacement work.I’d would be great to get clarification on what specifically  happened.  Unfortunately there’s already inaccurate blame and accusations going around on NextDoor. 

    • Arroyos Resident March 22, 2021 (2:20 pm)

      Agreed. Facts matter. I saw 2 contractor trucks truck on Saturday as well, while out walking. They had multiple vaults open over the course of my hour-long walk. All along 109th, from 39th up to 41st. Hopefully, SCL gets a handle on the root of the issue. Two explosions and outages over three days is beyond the norm. The first one was around 33 hours. 

      • Stacy March 22, 2021 (8:56 pm)

        Power was restored around 5:30 pm.

  • Jeff B March 22, 2021 (2:58 pm)

    Just received the latest  Arroyo/Arbor Heights Conduit Installation Project Community Update e-mail.  It includes a mention about last Friday’s outage:

    • WSB March 22, 2021 (3:06 pm)

      Yes, I just got a response from SCL’s spokesperson who said they were planning a mailing list update. Adding above what she told me.

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