UPDATE: Power outage in The Arroyos

10:08 PM: Thanks to Colby for the tip: He reports an “explosion” preceded this 109-customer power outage in The Arroyos, at the southwesternmost edge of West Seattle. The City Light outage map already identifies it as a case of “equipment failure.”

1:08 AM: Still out. (For the record, the outage started at 9:40 pm.)

9:45 AM: After 12 hours, not fixed yet, per the map.

4:25 PM: And it continues.

7:31 PM: Colby points out that almost half the affected homes have their power back now; the SCL map says 60 are still out.

2 Replies to "UPDATE: Power outage in The Arroyos"

  • Yvonne S Renz March 19, 2021 (11:04 pm)

    We heard a boom over on SW 100th St and wondered what caused it – probably the boom was the same explosion sound as described above. Hope everyone gets their power back soon! I know there has been a lot of utility type work going on over there.

  • anonyme March 20, 2021 (7:51 am)

    I heard the boom as well and thought it was just the usual M-80 action that supposedly only happens once a year.

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