THANKSGIVING: The Hall at Fauntleroy cancels plan ‘in the interest of health and safety’

Every year for more than two decades, The Hall at Fauntleroy has hosted a free community Thanksgiving dinner for everyone who shows up. Last month, its proprietors announced a pandemic plan – takeaway meals on the holiday. But since then, COVID-19 has surged, and tonight they’ve announced that plan is now off:

With the recent government orders, the rise in Covid-19 cases in our area and in the interest of the health and safety of our community, we are unable to move forward with our annual thanksgiving meal.

To those of you who have donated thus far, know that your generosity will be distributed via our partners at the West Seattle Food Bank/Helpline and the White Center Food Bank.

Though it is difficult to come to terms with not being able to gather with you all this Thanksgiving, we are overflowing with gratitude for every person who has shown up as a volunteer, contributor, or guest over the past 21 years.

Wherever you may find yourselves on this day of thanks, we will be holding you and yours close to our hearts.

Oh. the stories we will have to share when we gather again in 2021!

We will continue to collect new warm clothes, new blankets, new socks, and new hats throughout the holiday season. If you would like to make a donation, please feel to reach out to Meg Haggerty 206-353-8382 with text or voice questions.

David and Meg Haggerty
Reed Haggerty
David Meckstroth

If you were counting on this because you can’t afford a holiday dinner – three food-distribution opportunities are coming up on Friday and Saturday – we listed them in last night’s pandemic roundup.

2 Replies to "THANKSGIVING: The Hall at Fauntleroy cancels plan 'in the interest of health and safety'"

  • sc November 17, 2020 (6:02 pm)

    “Not forever, but for now”.

  • pjk November 18, 2020 (7:45 am)

     Tough times call for tough decisions.  Here’s to next year!

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