THINK SPRING: Looking ahead to West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2020

Did you see it? The sun made a brief appearance at midday today. And if you look closely – now that it’s February – some buds and shoots are starting to appear. All this got us thinking about spring, and we have two dates to mention regarding West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, the one event we coordinate each year after taking it over from its founders starting in 2008:

THE DATE: Saturday, May 9, 2020 – exactly 14 weeks from today
REGISTRATION: It’ll start on April 1st, exactly 2 months from today

If you’re new – WSCGSD isn’t one big sale – it’s one day with hundreds of sales, all sizes, all over the peninsula – not the only Community Garage Sale Day in the city, but the biggest one. Registered sales get on the map and the list; we promote it far and wide. More as we get closer, of course.

23 Replies to "THINK SPRING: Looking ahead to West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2020"

  • Mom in Gatewood February 1, 2020 (5:29 pm)

    Why is the sale always/usually on Mothers’ Day weekend?  Moms like me are typically the ones hosting the sale and shopping the sales so couldn’t it be held on another weekend?

  • West Seattle mom February 1, 2020 (8:45 pm)

    Exactly!!  Why is it always on Mother’s Day weekend?  It’s so much work to do a yard sale and not what I want to do to celebrate all the hard work I already do.  I don’t get it…

  • WSB February 1, 2020 (8:51 pm)

    The second Saturday in May is what the WSCGSD founders chose in 2005 and we have kept it on that date since taking it over starting with the fourth year (2008). There is no ideal time – earlier in the spring, and the weather is iffy; later, and there are festivals, holidays, or other major events every weekend.  -TR 

    • Ws mom February 1, 2020 (9:28 pm)

      Time to make a change, make it better wsb!  A week before or after, but Mother’s Day weekend?  C’mon!  What do you have against moms?  Mom issues? 😆

      • WSB February 1, 2020 (10:20 pm)

        Um, I’m a mom myself. No mom issues; my own mom has been gone 20 years, and I miss her every day. She and her mom would have loved Garage Sale Day. – TR

        • Ws mom February 2, 2020 (9:55 pm)

          Oh, so you don’t care about taking the day from other moms if they want to participate in a ws event that is not at all centered around moms.  Again, make it better.  Just because it has “worked”for years doesn’t mean you can’t be better than 2005.  Just saying…your logic doesn’t make sense.  

          • miws February 3, 2020 (7:00 am)

            Okay, WS Mom,  I get it, you’re just a troll. If you happen to be the person that also commented as “Mom” at 10:30pm last night, then that just confirms it. I’m done with you here, as I’m fresh out of Troll Chow. I only ever have a very limited supply on hand anyway. —Mike

        • Mom February 2, 2020 (10:30 pm)

          It’s time to change wsb…grow up with the community.  

      • miws February 2, 2020 (10:49 am)

        WS Mom, I gather your 9:28 pm reply is in response to WSB’s 8:51pm reply? What was so difficult to understand about that reply? Why did you feel compelled to reply with such snark? As WSB implied, it may not be an ideal weekend. But, it’s been that way for 15 years now, and, despite being on Mother’s Day weekend, it’s worked out pretty darn good. Lots of sales each year, and tons of excited and positive response. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And, don’t even think about asking if I have “mom issues” my mom passed nearly 53 years ago when I was 8 1/2. —Mike

        • Ws mom February 2, 2020 (9:45 pm)

          I just think the date needs to be reconsidered.  It’s not hard to do a weekend before or after.  Things need to change.  There are so many families in ws and although it is a great event, it is on Mother’s Day.  It makes Mother’s Day a yard sale day.  Sure, fun for many but work for a lot of moms.  Why take the day from the Mother’s.  Sure, we can do yard sales other days but it’s the yard sale day, in ws, our community.  This brings many to our yard sales.  Why have it on a VERY IMPORTANT DAY that not only is for me, a mother but not my mom why is still living and a drive away.  It needs to be changed.  If there are other ws events going on as wsb stated the. That just brings more people to our community.  But if us ws moms want to do something else or maybe visit our moms out of this neighborhood we can’t participate in a ws event.  But maybe you have mom issues too :)

  • justme February 1, 2020 (9:21 pm)

    Really, this date does need to be reconsidered. I don’t see a reason why it can’t be the following weekend, or some other in the Spring. 

  • Mj February 1, 2020 (10:32 pm)

    It’s the date that’s been set for years, it obviously works well for many people just look at the number of participants each year!

    • Ws mom February 2, 2020 (10:36 pm)

      Oh geez…doesn’t mean the event is dead if the weekend before or after is chosen.  🙄 let’s try and improve 😂

  • Neighbor February 1, 2020 (10:47 pm)

    People can literally have a yard/garage sale any day of the week. And if you are doing something for Mother’s Day, it really is ok to miss a garage sale the day before.  No reason to get upset about the date. I appreciate the effort it takes to put this together. Thanks WSB 

    • Seriously? February 2, 2020 (7:55 am)

      I agree with Neighbor. It’s not mandatory to host a garage sale. Don’t want to host a sale that day? Don’t do it. If you want to do something else for mother’s day, then just do that (see how easy that is?)! You guys are making it sound like the WSB is purposely trying to ruin “your” day, and that’s BS. Mother’s day is on Sunday; WSGSD is on Saturday – get over yourselves and your entitled attitudes!

      • Ws mom February 2, 2020 (10:40 pm)

        I feel sorry for you.  “Mother’s” appreciate kindness all days.  Thank you. 

        • AllAboutThisMom February 3, 2020 (2:31 pm)

          I feel sorry for anyone whose entire identity is being a mom and who is so entitled that they expect a long standing community event to be changed for their convenience.   Let’s try and improve, indeed  

  • AHNeighbor February 2, 2020 (3:55 am)

    Best day of the year! Thank you WSB!

  • Norskgirl February 2, 2020 (9:00 am)

    Thank you WSB for all that you do to organize the WSCGSD event.  I imagine it is no little bit of work.  The WSCGSD is enjoyed by so many and you all make a significant contribution to that pleasure and fun.The WSCGSD could be even more enjoyable if scheduled only a week later. Perhaps it could become infamous for always being scheduled the weekend following Mother’s Day.   Mother’s Day is a celebration to many and a challenge to share it with the WSCGSD.  Thanks for all you do on behalf of WS!

  • WestSeaMom February 2, 2020 (10:48 am)

    Thanks for all your work putting together this giant event WSB! I would like to say that not everyone celebrates mother’s day and still others probably don’t care about it’s proximity to the day. Either you want to participate in the garage sale or you don’t.  It’s a simple personal decision. Sometimes I want to go through the work of it and sometimes I don’t. I feel like if WSB is doing all the organizing, and advertising, etc they have the final say.                   *I’m a mom and I approved this message* 😆

  • Chris February 2, 2020 (12:30 pm)

    We have always smiled as children  and adults come looking for a special Mother’s Day present.    We, over the years, have usually had a few things that fit that.    Last year we had tea cups and saucers.    It was so special to watch moms and daughters pick out tea cups and saucers & tell us they are going to have tea together, and start something new in the family even as their mom had done.    We had tears and joy as children or moms would share with us re something they had picked out.    Just never know when, as selling items, you can bring joy to someone.   We have tried to do just that with our sales.   One mom needed a coat last year, we could see there was a problem financially in her getting it.   We went up to the couple and talked to them & asked if we could give it to them.   They were in tears & were so thankful.   So making mothers day for some because of the WSB sales… is very special for us.    We thank WSB for making this possible….to help others, to bring joy.   We have had children come back and leave thank you notes on our front porch.    Thank you WSB for helping us make this possible.

    • HS February 2, 2020 (2:28 pm)

      That was a nice post Chris. 

    • Ws mom February 2, 2020 (9:58 pm)

      We can be cute any day!  :) And we are, everyday.  

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