FOLLOWUP: How to comment on Sound Transit’s new light-rail ‘assessments’

As we reported Thursday, Sound Transit has gone public with “assessments” of potential light-rail options, including two for the West Seattle extension. It’ll be up to the Sound Transit Board to decide whether to include either or both in studies for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement, the next of 3 more steps before they finalize the route “alignment” in 2022. Before that board vote in October, they’re also taking public comment – you can do that (and review the new info) by going here. Deadline: October 4th.

P.S. If you have questions, you can also talk to ST reps in person at the West Seattle Farmers’ Market on September 29th.

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  • alan OneRogueCloud September 14, 2019 (8:33 pm)

    Possible Location for West Seattle Transit Center “LEAKED””if you don’t know where Jack Block Park is Google it””JACK BLOCK PARK”, pier 5 in West Seattle is secretly being considered for the major Hub for West Seattle’s future Transit Center.With parking for over 1200 vehicles.Future tunnels, one west to Admiral, one South West to 35th, and Fauntleroy and West Seattle Junction. Lighter rail would serve those locations.Why “Jack Block” because its the only parcel in West Seattle with adjacent city property large enough to support parking and Transit Center. West Seattle commuters could park and ride to all city locations.Light rail from Downtown Seattle would cross either under or over the Duwamish Water Way, after stopping at Delridge near Chelan Café, and then curve north several blocks to Jack Block Park.The adjacent site while not being suitable for housing because of toxic landfill,  could support parking garages and transit center.The Seattle Water Taxi would also be moved to this location with new dock. Easing parking concerns around existing Water Taxi, the Don Armine Boat Launch and waterfront Condos and restaurants.Wake turbulence from Water Taxi would lessor effect on Boater and Paddle boarders near Alki Light.Why haven’t we heard about this? Who knows, West Seattle seems to be the last on the list for Rapid Transit. Write you City Council members now.OneRogueCloud  

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