WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gun search; package-theft victim’s question

Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes, plus a reminder:

GUN SEARCH: A texter sent that photo and wondered what the King County Sheriff’s Office was doing with multiple units at Don Armeni Boat Ramp much of the day. We checked with Sgt. Cindi West, who says they were searching in the water for a gun – and found one – possibly linked to last Friday night’s White Center shooting death, for which a juvenile suspect has been arrested. (Added: Court documents from the 16-year-old shooting suspect’s hearing today say he told detectives he had thrown the gun into Puget Sound.)

PACKAGE THEFT: From Patrick in High Point:

We had two packages delivered from Amazon at around 11am on Tuesday the 14th, and by the time we arrived home at around 7pm they were gone. An additional package had been dropped off at 4 pm and that was here, so presumably the theft occurred sometime between 11 am and 4 pm. There was a variety of items in the packages, mostly nursery items (crib sheets, wipe dispenser, etc.). The theft occurred at our house on the corner of 34th and Morgan. If anyone has any information or had similar issues yesterday, we’d be interested to hear about it. This is the second time we’ve had a package go missing this year.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL: Yes, WSCPC does meet this month! 7 pm next Tuesday (November 21st), be at the Southwest Precinct to hear about crime trends and get answers to your questions about neighborhood crime/safety concerns.

5 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gun search; package-theft victim's question"

  • Concerned November 15, 2017 (5:40 pm)

    What I really hate about these package thieves is that there are quite a few caught in camera who drive decent cars and appear to be employed, so this thievery seems to be a serious self centered sense of entitlement and complete lack of ethics and values.

    • dsa November 16, 2017 (12:12 am)

      And Amazon is now using unmarked cars with drivers in street clothes.  So those people make thieves look like they belong in the neighborhood.

  • Eric1 November 15, 2017 (7:16 pm)

    I once found a gun while diving during work years ago.  It also came back as having been used in a shooting/murder in the Central District.  Funny thing is that you can’t chuck a gun very far and it doesn’t fly like a baseball.  This gun was actually in relatively shallow water right in front of a park where some young kid could have easily found it while swimming.  The gun was loaded with a full magazine and had I not found it, there could have been some very sad parents because the gun hadn’t spent much time in the water (probably why they could trace it back to a shooting).  Luckily, in this West Seattle case, the perp told the police where he tossed the gun and the police could recover it.  Please be aware that perps chuck guns and knives in parks and beaches because they are public places where you expect to see people walking around.  Educate your kids on what to do if they find guns, knives and these days syringes where they play because they are more common than you think  (this wasn’t the only gun we ever found while working).

  • Al November 16, 2017 (10:29 am)

     amazing sent  out a package and  the driver was a plain car twice.  They Need a sticker on the car

  • A M November 19, 2017 (7:50 pm)

    Patrick — Sorry to hear about the package thefts (I feel your pain).  Would delivery to an Amazon Locker be feasible for you?  Check here for a list of locations that are perhaps near your home: https://www.amazon.com/gp/help/customer/display.html?nodeId=201117850

    I have used it and found it very easy; you can even make returns via the Locker. 

    Best wishes, 

    Arbor Heights resident

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