HALLOWEEN 2017: Time to trick-or-treat in The Admiral District

(WSB photos)

3:34 PM: This year, businesses in The Admiral District decided to offer trick-or-treating on Halloween, and it’s happening right now!

The heart of the business district is at Admiral/California, but it stretches out a few blocks to the north, east, and south. Above, that’s Tena at A Kids Place Dentistry for Children (2617 California SW; WSB sponsor).

3:52 PM: Not as crowded as years past, so if you are still thinking about it, just pack everybody up and head over. Like the West Seattle Junction Harvest Festival on Sunday, we’re seeing some theme-costumed families:

4:15 PM: Getting busier. We’ve also heard there was an early wave before 3 pm – Lafayette Elementary gets out at 2:25 pm, so maybe that’s why. Here’s the scene inside Brookdale (2326 California):

And across from The Historic Admiral Theater – a candy-consuming mummy:

More photos to come.

It’s on until 6 pm!

5 Replies to "HALLOWEEN 2017: Time to trick-or-treat in The Admiral District"

  • Happy Halloween October 31, 2017 (6:28 pm)

    Neighborhood kids are choosy. They are picking through my candy bowl for Kit Kats and Crispy M&Ms.

  • Mark October 31, 2017 (6:45 pm)

    Yup the goblins and ghosts are out in force in the Admiral area.  Drive safe

  • west seattle steve October 31, 2017 (7:26 pm)

    This Year? They have been doing trick or treating for at least 10 years now.

    • WSB October 31, 2017 (7:37 pm)

      Yes, and we have been covering it almost that long. What I wrote was that this year they decided to do it on Halloween (though it was a Tuesday) – the past two years, it’s been the Friday before Halloween.

  • Molly November 1, 2017 (12:02 am)

    To the guy at the admiral theater who decided to dress up as a scary (read:terrifying to even me) clown with a chain saw and jump out screaming at kids, thanks. My 19 month old was terrified and wouldn’t walk anymore with my 6 year old because he thought the clown was “coming” for him. The whole point of going out between 3-6 is so the Littles who are afraid of the dark or sleep early can have an opportunity to trick or treat. Any time anyone knocked at the door he would say “clown coming” and cling to me like his life depended on it. Please, please don’t do that again. 

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