AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: Blue skies, gleaming wheels @ 10th annual West Seattle Car Show

10:46 AM: Not a cloud in the sky this year as the 10th annual West Seattle Car Show cruises through its first hour on the north side of the South Seattle College campus (6000 16th SW). Reasons to visit:

-Cars of every color and size, spanning decades
-If you drive yours here, free leak and light checks – ask as you enter the campus
-Music – DJ with the classics right now, The Disco Cowboys performing live at 1 pm
Double Up food-truck tent serving “vegetarian Trinidad street food,” next to the …
Northwest Wine Academy, with award-winning beverages
Seattle Chinese Garden, free admission for its open house starting at 11 am
-50/50 raffle – tickets at the info booth on the northeast side of the show (look for the bright blue canopy)
-Free raffle for a drone – get a “bingo card” and have the vendor booths check off the boxes for you
-Motorcycles on display too
-Applaud the winners at the awards ceremony (~2:30 pm, with the show wrapping by 3 pm)

The show is presented again this year by West Seattle Autoworks and Swedish Automotive (which, like SSC, are WSB sponsors – and we are one of the show’s co-sponsors). No admission charge – just come wander!

11:15 AM: Here’s a special group of cars at today’s show – Sunbeams!

And if you like pickles and jams, look for Broken Spoke Cannery from Beacon Hill, next to the orange VW camper. We asked what’s popular – it’s the hot dills:

Along with the raffle tickets at the info booth, also be sure to ask how to vote for your favorite show participant in the People’s Choice Award. Meantime, we just checked out what’s happening inside the Wine Academy building on the north side of the show grounds:

Wine, soda, coffee, snacks, and (not in our pic) an activity table for the kids. Back to the cars:

12:18 PM: Tours of the SSC Automotive Technology program – which car-show proceeds are supporting – are set for 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm. Meantime, the stream of spectators continues, gawking at classics like this one:

1:06 PM: Our portable hotspot is a little glitchy up here at the show, so we’ll add many more photos from HQ later, including the winners, now about an hour and a half away from being announced. And The Disco Cowboys are about to start playing!

1:35 PM: And there they are, in our video clip above, with a mashup of “Funkytown” and “Brick House.” If you’re more an Abba fan, part of their “Waterloo” cover is on our Instagram feed.

2:35 PM: They’re getting ready to hand out the awards – depending on how things go, we’ll either add the list and photos here, or publish a separate story (and we’d link to it here).

8:27 PM: We don’t have a simple list matching trophies to cars, so adding to this will take some time. But first – this 1960 Chrysler Imperial was a double winner – including the “people’s choice” trophy honoring the car show’s late founder Michael Hoffman:

This Nissan Figaro won “best Asian car”:

This 1973 F-100 won “best truck”:

Still adding more winning vehicles. And here’s a group shot of the winners after the trophy ceremony:

This was the biggest show yet since the move to SSC, where, it was announced, next year’s show is already set for Saturday, August 25, 2018.

8 Replies to "AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: Blue skies, gleaming wheels @ 10th annual West Seattle Car Show"

  • Gary C August 27, 2017 (10:41 am)

    Thanks for putting on a successful car show! While another food vendor option and show T-shirts would have been nice to see, I had a lot of fun showing my Concours and talking with like-minded car guys and gals. It was great to see the additional cars that showed this year, a great mix of machines. Thanks for all your efforts, I look forward to participating again next year!

    • WSB August 27, 2017 (11:55 am)

      They did make show T-shirts – being next to the info/registration booth all day, I believe I heard organizers say they’re putting out another order – so if you didn’t get one, ask them! Thanks for being part of it – it was a beautiful day on Puget Ridge – TR

  • SueY August 27, 2017 (4:28 pm)

    Ditto to what Gary C said.  It was a great show but only one food option (and vegan at that) was rather disappointing.  I’m surprised not more food trucks would want to be involved.

  • Gary C August 27, 2017 (8:29 pm)

    Thanks WSB for the info, I shoulda looked around, but the women that helped with my pre-registration said they only made enough shirts for the car show participants (that checked the pre-reg box I assume) because they didn’t want to be stuck with unsold merch. No big deal I still had a great time! And yes she did say something about ordering some more in.

  • Chaz August 28, 2017 (9:18 am)

    A great show.  Next year they need to announce which car won each trophy, rather than just the owners names.   Most of us weren’t sure which cars were being recognized 

  • Todd August 28, 2017 (5:33 pm)

    Thank you, we are working every year to make improvements based on previous feedback and will work hard to make changes to benefit the participants and spectators both. We had a great time and again thank everyone who helped make the show happen again this year! Our sponsors, volunteers, the staff and students at the school all pitched in during the months of planning and we hope everyone enjoyed a great day in perfect weather! 105 vehicles this year, including many that we have not seen before!

    See you next year on Saturday, Aug. 25th!

    • Lee September 5, 2017 (2:03 pm)

      While 105 cars was better than the two previous years it was no where like what this show use to have.Fact is many car owners will not go to that area with their cars and to get this show back to what was in the past at 200 plus cars it needs to be moved to a better location.It’s fine for the money to go to the college but get a better location and get back to what this show was in the past.

  • Lee September 5, 2017 (1:50 pm)

    There was a bigger turnout because it was Sunny.Anyone who knows about car shows knows the weather will make a show or break it,that is a fact.There does need to be more vendors selling food etc.

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