HELP! Memorial plaque planned to honor Chief Sealth graduates killed in action – can you help find their families?

After its 50th-anniversary reunion this year, the Chief Sealth Class of 1965 is working on a special project, and needs your help. The request we were asked to share:

The class of 1965 will be presenting a granite and brass Memorial Plaque of all Sealth graduates that were killed in action in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan at sometime in the near future. We were hoping that you might be able to assist us in notifying the families of these brave soldiers so they might attend if they wish or are able. Date to be determined.

Vietnam –
Sigrid Karlstrom ’61 (family notified)
Lewis Nelson ’62
Allan Potter ’64
Luigi Filbanese ’65
Thomas Foster ’65
Thomas Harding ’65
Richard Krogh ’65
Norman Chaney ’66
Dick DeGraaf ’66 (family notified)
David Lauritsen ’66
John Rauen ’66
Mark Knollmeyer ’67
Donald Douglas ’68
Clarence Risher ’68

Iraq –
Tracy Melvin ’95

Afghanistan –
Jarod Newlove ’03

Only 2 families have been notified so far. If we can at least get the contacts made in the next few weeks, it will be much easier to notify these families once a date has been set for the presentation of this memorial at Chief Sealth High School. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Ron Templin
Sealth ’65

If you are a relative of anyone mentioned – or if you know how to reach them – please e-mail Ron at – thank you!

7 Replies to "HELP! Memorial plaque planned to honor Chief Sealth graduates killed in action - can you help find their families?"

  • 62 Sealth grad September 22, 2015 (1:48 pm)

    Any idea where the Vietnam record came from? It seems light for the early years, 63 is even missing.

  • alki resident September 22, 2015 (3:45 pm)

    This will mean a lot to the families. I notified Tracy Melvins family.

    • WSB September 22, 2015 (4:08 pm)

      Thank you!

  • clark5080 September 22, 2015 (4:09 pm)

    Great idea
    1969 CS Grad and Vietnam Vet

    Is there any way we can help?

  • Laurie Biepxenman Graham September 22, 2015 (5:08 pm)

    Mark Knollmeyer (sic) was my next door neighbor in the early sixties, but I believe he passed prior to 1967, as stated because I remember ‘the day’ and we moved away in 1966. I believe it is spelled Nieumeyer? I found his name on the Vietnam memorial in WA DC.
    Good luck.

  • The Original MB September 23, 2015 (2:13 pm)

    Newlove family notified and they have contacted the school. Really cool!

    • WSB September 23, 2015 (3:22 pm)

      Thanks to everybody who’s helping! I hope to follow up on this project.

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